really annoying cough

had quite a bad cough for the last few days really worse at night..chest feels tight but my salbutamol reliever works for about 10 or 15 mins then the cough comes back..really really don't want to go into A&E with cough symptoms in case hospital thinks im wasting their time..does anyone know if medics consider a cough as exacerbating asthma? can usually reach about 400/450 on my peak flow but last night was just touching 200 best peak flow today is 230

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  • A cough is a sign of asthma and any doc would rather see an asthmatic with mild dymptoms they can treat nicely or advice than a full blown acute attack and its concequences. An asthmatic than isnt their usual self is never a waste of time to a doctor, so please get seen or at least phone someone for some personal medical advice

    good luck

    andrea xxx

  • If you are tight chested and your PF is down go to A&E you are not wasting anyones time. Please don't sit and wait out things when your symptoms are getting worse. Some here have protocols which allow for staying at home longer and some seem to function perfectly well on PF's around the 100's but that is not the the norm by a long chalk. A PF consistently 50% of normal no real response to your releiver means you need to seek medical advice no-one is going to think you are time wasting!


  • go to a&e i did last night with low pf and cough and feel loads better today after couple nebs and dose pred. home now on 40mg pred for 5 days. also try using your reliever through your spacer at 10 puffs at a time and see if it helps

  • Scottishmum, whilst using your inhaler 10 times though your inhaler is one way of trying to stop the cough if you have not been told to do that by your drs please seek medical advice first call NHS direct maybe for more advice.


  • i dont have a spacer..just been using my salamol reliever in the normal way..if I feel really bad tonight will get in touch with A&E..only thing is my hubby had a few drinks earlier this evening.. and i dont drive so am really reticent to call for an ambulance..although my asthma nurse told me a couple of y ears ago not to hesitate calling 999 husband has always been able to drive me to hospital when needed but the asthma nurse brought up a relevant point...""what would your husband do if your asthma became really serious while driving to hospital""? i couldnt answer her so i suppose calling for an ambulance shouldnt make me feel guilty?

  • Scottish mum never feel guilty, drunks with no appart injuries dont feel guilty!! you have a genuine medical condition that needs treating and could deteriorate at anytime!! please go to a and e, let us know how you get on

    love and prayers

    andrea xx

  • You could always call NHS direct for advice or get a taxi in. I have a really big thing about wasting NHS resources and have often taken a taxi to A&E only to be dashed straight to resus and onto ITU so please don't take risks. I even once decided to brave the tube on a hot day for a RBH appt (that was silly, regular readers will remember the resulting 5 week sojorn in June/July). I have yet to try and drive myself in as others have here, please don't try that one either. Is their a neighbour your could prevail upon to drop you in. Remember asthma tends to get worse overnight so if you are on the brink now best to go and get it over with.


  • Thanks Bex...our nearest A&E is now in Stirling as the powers that be decided to close down the Casualty unit in Falkirk.. to be honest if the asthma really got to the stage of having to visit Casualty I would prob feel safer in the hands of paramedics than a taxi driver.. peak flow is currently standing at will keep a close eye on that during the night..thanks for your advice :)

  • Sorry yes, I had forgotten about how hard it is living out in the wilds I used to live 20 odd miles from my A&E, i take for granted being 10 minutes on a blue light away.

    Please take care and if you feel any worse go in!


  • eventually went into Stirling A&E just before 1am this morning..had a neb and steroids..was down to have an x-ray but when the x-ray technician arrived the nurse was setting up by neb and asked for the x ray to be done later...1hr later (2.45am) no sign of any x-ray being done so after a talk with the doc I went home steroids in hand and with advice not to hesitate to come back if the asthma started to play up again (hopefully the x ray would have been clear lol)

  • good you feeling any better since tho. must be s'thing in wind

  • actally bex, i went down to my local a&e once with both a concerned friend and my bf, my pf was 190, temp 38.2 and sats 97 and they just said, ""I cant help you as you are not wheezy enough"" but then again the hospital is crappy,

    lets hope scottish hospitals are better than the Alex

  • Wendy, good grief that is rubbish. I hope you complained.


  • why bother. If they wouldnt listen to the healthy people with me, i really wouldnt have thought that they would have listened to the tired half concious kid next to them.

    just hauled my sorry backside out of there and home to my room.

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