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flu jab + swine flu jab

it's that time of year again when the visit to the local health centre means the flu jab! don't have a problem with that...but news that the swine flu vaccination is ready to ""hit the streets"" has me in a bit of a quandry..should I just go for my flu jab? which normally doesn't leave me with any side effects or risk receiving the swine flu one as well...or.....forget the swine flu jab as the chance of catching it are a little less than catching ""normal"" flu...anyone else have the same dilemma?

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Oh dear, decisions, decisions.... I think i'll probably go for it and have both. In our area you have to have them 2 weeks apart. I guess its weighing up if the benefits of having it outweigh the disadvantages. Hmmm, i'd rather not have it but know that i probably should. Will ask at hosp clinic tommorow and see what they think. Hope your okay and don't get any side effects, take care, Lois



Just to add to the dilemma - I have heard that it's likely that the swine fl will actually have to be 2 jabs spread about 4 weeks apart.

I can't have any unfortunately as I'm allergic to the vaccines. :o(



this may answer some questions tinyurl.com/kwta75 or same site


Fee, the Swine Flu jab is going to be available in a non egg based version as well, so if you wanted it you could.


Oh thanks,

that's useful, I'll have a look



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