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wheeze and cough

had a bad cold over the weekend ..that seemed to clear up yesterday but........cant get rid of the cough or wheeze...wheeze was particularly bad last night and is starting again tonight..taking my salamol inhaler relieves it for a little while then it comes back..does this warrant a visit to A&E for a neb or should I persist with the reliever and hope the wheeze and cough disappear?

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You could try a visit to the GP. If you can't get an appointment urgently and you are really struggling do you have a minor injury unit, usually shorter queues than a main A&E department and they can give you a neb.


thanks for the reply :) ..actually called NHS24 and they arranged an appointment at my local out of hours clinic at Falkirk Royal Infirmary at 1.30am this morning..had a nebuliser and was presribed prednisilone and antibiotics, hopefully these will clear up the cough and wheeze.. was my first visit to hospital for over a year..hopefully will be my last for another year :)


hope you're feeling better soon.


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