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I got this slight problem if anyone can help last week when I was in hospital I had to have 8 venflons in in 4 days they either just stopped working or were comming out the drs and nurses tried everything to keep them working or in situ. This also happened at christmas when I was in I had 10 venflons in in 6 days the dr said it could be the hydrocortisone causing it but ive never in all my time of having asthma heard of anything like this happening. Am I just a strange individual or has any of you peeps had this happen. Many Thanks xxxxxx

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My veins have had a battering over the years.

Steroids make them fragile and repeated stabbing by venflons scars them and the scar tissue can make it difficult to get one in a good place. Then they start using less quality veins which don't last long because they are smaller or in an awkward place.



Thanks kate so its not just me then take care everyone xxxxx


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