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Ive had a bad hip since year blonk and I have to go see someone about it in febuary its really painful and I must admit I go a bit ott on the kapake. My hip as my gp calls it is part dislocation its never realy bothered me before but over the past few months it does. Even when im in bed because im relaxed i wake up feeling it slide OUCH. My question is with me having poorly asthma can anything be done about it or am I just destined to have lots of painkillers all the time. Thanks everyone

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Kerry-anne - if they need to do anything serious such as operating, it is perfectly possible to do it under local. My mum recently had a total knee replacement under local so rather than suffer the pain ask what can be done and ask about local rather than general.

Good luck and hope it isn't too bad.




Last yr i had quite major surgery on my hip under a general, with only a slight resp infection at the end of it.2 anaethitists refused to do it then a third with an interest in dealing with difficult patients took me on and was fab. i ahve now been of crutches for a yr after being on them for nearly 5 yrs.

As has been said most ops can now be done under,spinal or such like so whatever you shouldnt have to remain in pain if surgery is needed

Please feel free to pm me for me info


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