lots of blips

Hi all over the past week my asthma has been all over the place never needing to call the green men but enough to scare me a bit and prevent me from doing things nebuliser is always filled and ready for action as I have brittle type 2 and it just goes from good to bad in a split second ive upped my steroids to 40mg over the past week to only suffer exactly the same I havent got a infection as far as I know I dont feel ill in anyway apart from whats going on with my asthma has anyone else been going like this over the past week or two im wondering if it is weather related but am unsure I have an appointment with my GP next friday but dont know if I should wait that long its just very frustrating as I dont know when my asthma is going to kick up a stink if it does get to the point I need to go to costa I will but am ok at home for now like I said is anyone else going through this hell at the min or is it just me thanks in advance Kerry-Anne xxxx

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  • Having few blips also and A n E visit. Hospital asthma nurse keeping eye on me and phoning me. Take care lol xxx

  • blips got little to much to handle so wether i like it or not im getting ready to call dr prob get the men in green bugger take care everyone xxxx

  • how u doing kerry-anne?

    did u need costa with the green meanies or did the docs sort u out?

    its defo a mix of weather + pollen. the heat where i am is awful. tho i am getting over yet another inf as well which dun help!! grr.. so it seems to blip central :S

    everyone seems to be struggling, not too much though i hope :S

    take care

    x x x

  • Spent sat and Sunday in iru now on hdu hate this weather xxx hope everyone's ok snowy girl take care and everyone else xxx

  • Spent sat and Sunday in iru now on hdu hate this weather xxx hope everyone's ok snowy girl take care and everyone else xxx

  • I thought it was Monday and its Tuesday must be sleep longer than I thought take care B hope you escape soon xxx

  • Finally going on ward today feel loads better or maybe that's the pred,and neb kicking in in total agony cause they don't have my new mebs didn't have time to collect them together so suffering now take care all love to those costafied and those not doing to good love KA xxxx

  • Glad you're on the ward and feeling better Kerry-Anne. I hope it's not too hot - my costa has air-conditioning that seems to blow hot air and it gets really stiffling in hot weather. The hot weather's due to break today/tomorrow so hopefully we'll all get a bit of relief then. :)

  • sorry to hear youve been captured, at least your starting to feel better. I know what you mean about the weather, my p/f's dropping at mo.Glad im not in costa as air con is a trigger for me,had to take son to a&e,and after i was breathless and chest tight for 4 days after. I thought i was going to end up in costa. I hope you get lots of rest and the pain eases for you. Get well soon


  • i am type 1 brittle asthma and it being a royal pain!

  • My asthma con came to see me and took my mum and dad outside said he really worried as been in itu 3 times this year he said my asthma is getting alot worse that has scared me to bits i know a few of you are really struggeling the same as me and i just thank god im on the mend im brittle type 2 which is a pain in the rear i said to the nurse i been in itu 12 times in 10 years she said thats not good scared to even breath incase asthma kicks off but i will take things a day at a time and see what my cons next plan is he wants me to move in with my parents im 34 not 16 we all have this life threatening illness and we have to live day to day thats all we can do sorry if i sound dramatic just feel that way out tonight take care all love and hugs KA xxxxx

  • im home thank god i feel great hope everyone else escapes soon B glad your home take care hunxxxx

  • Hi kerry anne

    I would say stand your ground. I lived alone before i got married and i received and still receive help from social services on a daily basis for personal care. You can get your consultant to do a request for you. you can get a care phone. You can get a key safe. There is a lot of help your consultant could get you from social services or indeed your own gp. Social services are big on people being independant and if i was aloud to try it despite being type 1 brittle i see no reason you being allowed it either.

    You just have to get over the pride of having homecare under the age of 50. i found it challenging but feel free to pm any questions.


  • Hi Plumie

    I have a carer who is great supplied by social services not just for my asthma i have alot of life changing illness that sometimes leave me feeling so low but i just keep saying to myself im still here and there must be a reason why and im so grateful to be here i have home call and a wheelchair to which is a great help sometimes i feel 90 not 34 i live alone but got family all round me who make sure im ok im moving to a smaller flat over the road from my cousin who is a nurse so i know im kinda safe it just scares me that im 34 and my con says my asthma is getting alot worse and theres not much more if anything he can do im on max meds plus meds for other things and sometimes my liver gets a bit grumpy with all the meds i just think everyone wants whats best for me but im as happy as i can be under the circumstances so im happyish just to live day to day and see what happens and face my problems when they come and go i hope that doesnt sound dramatic thats just the way my life is right now and who knows con could be wrong and things could pick up but if not im ready to face my problems head on and i will fight till the end of time if i have to but thankyou for your kind words really lifts my spirits knowing people really do care you take care and everyone else who understands what im talking about love and hugs KA xxxxx

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