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Haze on Chest X Ray??? Any Ideas

I have had asthma for as long as I can remember, I am now 29 and since a trip to New York in June 2009 where my asthma got alot worse. I have gone from not taking any meds (naughty I know) to having to take alot. I have had 2 courses steriods and 3 antibiotics in the last 9 months. Worrying as previously never needed steriods. Although feel great when I'm on them.

Gp has tried everything and has now referred to chest clinic. I went and the specialist is lovely and is going to do all the wierd and wonderful tests, but my worry is that when he reviewed my chest X ray he said it was abnormal and there was a haze on it which he didn't expect to see.

Has anyone experienced this? Don't go back to see him for another 2 months for the results!

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Hi Tracey,

Sorry, there are so many things that this could would be better off ringing the consultant's secretary, or speaking to your GP to see if he has mentioned anything in his letter regarding this.

Best of luck with it all



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