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methotrexate or ciclosporin?

just an enquiry to see if any of you guys out there have any personnal experience of using either of these drugs to help obtain better control of your asthma?

they were mentioned to me several years ago however i decided to have a baby instead!!

again they are the topic of conversation and i think i must have read every paper or medical report on their usage.

misssing however is personnal accounts from patients, wether they have truely made an impact.

i appreciate everyone responds differently to different treatment, but am keen to hear of other peoples experiences.

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I tried Ciclosporin for 3 months to no avail, apart from regular blood tests I experienced no side effects, and I did miss eating grapefruit which you can not have whilst using this drug. Haven't tried Methotrexate, but that is a possibility for me in the future. All I can say is give it a go, you have everything to gain and little to lose as I see it.


My daughter tried both Methotrexate and Cyclosporin, sadly they weren't any help to her at all and caused more problems as she had a very real needle phobia. They were tried a couple of times but no benefit either time. however as you say everyone reacts differently so nothing ventured nothing gained. I hope it all goes well for you. Keep well, LIZ. x


hiya im currently on week four of being started on methotrexate with very optimistic doctors. Im not really the person to say how ive responded etc as im fairly new to the treatment but since the second week ive never felt so exhausted ever! I really dont no if there is a link and have my first follow up with my chest doc on thur then going to be followed up every 2 weeks with the regular bloods too. He also started me on folic acid too, hoping it will reduce side effects. If i can help in any other way from a patients view of it please message me and i can try to help dunno if i will be much use though lol :-) take care xx


Hi I has methotrexate for 2 years which worked great for me but unfornately it had to be stopped as they thought it was no longer I was

I did not have any problems in taking it or side effects thee blood tests you get use to having

not told about so it came as a shock for me. They said that this sometimes happens to some people they may restart it if the Xolair is not continued will find out moreabout this in 2 weeks time.


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