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NHS withdraws my asthma check ups

Hi All,

I am a severe asthmatic who has been attending the hospital for check ups every 6 months with regular tests for my breathing. Every year I get very ill and the check ups work well with me , but I was told today that they withdrawn this from my hospital so What do I do. My asthma is very unpredictable and the worry of this has already set my asthma off.

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welcome . I also had it done to me.My consultant said as i have a asthma nurse who I am seeing alot was happy to discharge me even though severe.He said will see me again if my asthma nurse thinks she carnt do any more. I can honestly say shes wonderful.I have seen her every 2 weeks and then monthly and now 6wks but can see her any time and also talk over the phone.My doc also up to date with info and will see me when need pred and antibiotics and also speak to me on phone and do a script over phone and get family pick it me up when to bad. Hope you get the help you need as mine so far as been better and got a great support and friendship and trust from my asthma nurse. i only go hospital and A n E for nebs etc xxx


djdan2406 .Do you have a asthma nurse at your doctors ?x


I think so


Dj Dan. Did they give a reason for this.

It May be that there isn't enough patients to continue the service. Or that maybe the dr is leaving and so unable to continue the service. If so I would enquire as to wot options are available, may mean referral to another hospital either by current hospital or gp. If it's stressing u out I would look into things soon.


my gp does not withdraw my asthma check ups


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