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recent episode of bronchitis, now i feel like i've been in a car crash

can anyone help me, i posted on here a few days ago as i'd been in and out of hospital, a&e and ooh drs with bronchitis, on the plus side i have to go the bronchitis dealt with and the asthmas under control but now i am in agony with chest pains, shoulder pains, leg pains all over apart from calves!!! is this the aftermath of the viral infection?the last 2 days have been at its worst!!!! dont know if i should go back to the drs with how i am feeling!!??

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HI Holliebop,

Sounds painful! I'd definitely go back and ask if there's anything they can do. It might well be the aftereffects of chest infection (the physio I'm seeing for something else said she'd had horrible shooting leg pains after getting an infection and coughing a lot). At least they can hopefully rule out anything bad which seems pretty unlikely, not that I'm an expert, and they might be able to help with pain relief, or maybe even physio could help (don't know if you'd get that but it might help clear it up).

Hope you feel better soon. xx


it could take a long time for any inflamation behind your ribs to settle down which will be causing a lot of pain but if painkillers arent taking the edge off or you feel like it might be something else i would go back to your doc and see what they say. hope you are feeling better soon x


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