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Hi, im new here, only diagnosed a year ago,

im in a bit of a predicament, my asthma has been bad all weekend, (wheezing, a little breathless, tight and painful chest) so i went to see a nurse at my doctors yesterday, she gave me an extra inhaler (brown one) and another blue one as my previous had ran out. she said to take it and if i don't improve go to a and e, so i went to a and e this morning because the inhalers haven't really helped and they said i should go back to the clinic, so phoned up the clinic and cant get an appointment till 11 tomorrow, she said i could book into a and e but the wait would be a very long time ( says 4 hours average wait on the website and there were lots if people there), i picked up a leaflet for this emergency doctor after 6:30pm, where you phone up and they give you advice or send a doctor out etc. the problem is im not sure whet to do,

do i :

wait till tomorow and go to my doctors

go back to a and e

or wait till 6:30 and call this hepline?

thank you

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Hello Kate, welcome to Asthma UK.

We're not in a position to be able to advise you on something like this over the internet; unfortunately this is a discussion forum for non-urgent issues, and it wouldn't be safe or appropriate to tell you what to do regarding this because no-one here is able to tell how bad you are (please see the Terms and Conditions, which were shown when you sign up to the forums). It wouldn't really be appropriate to wait to contact the out of hours GP because this is something your GP can deal with in-hours. Please either ring your GP back and explain the situation, or return to A&E to be seen and sorted.




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