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I'm new to this board but thought I would leave a post as feeling cross.

I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 4 and them seemed to get better from it when I was like 15 until the age of 20. Since the age of 20 I have been having on-going probs but due to my other medical probs all I can take is a brown inhaler and predniselone. The last 4 weeks have been feeling really poorly breathing wise and have been trying to get a bed at my hosp in London but apparently it is a busy time of year. Yest I was feeling really awful so went to the gp and he examined me and came to the conclusion I was over breathing. I explained to him that I didn't feel I was overbreathing and had none of the symptoms that go with it. He looked at my blood results that I had done and found my WBC was really high. He said he felt that I was overbreathing but could quite possibly be an infection. I know for def that I wasn't hyperventilating and it makes me cross when DRs say this, I wouldnt have a prob if I was as I know some people do get panicked by their conditions. Do any of you find that you really have to push for Drs to take you seriously and not put down your asthma symptoms down to panic? Any advice on how to overcome this pressumption DRs make?

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hi tinks sorry to hear about your probs .. i can can that i had a senior house officer once telling me i was hyperventilating and with in and hour i was tubed in itu wth respiratory faliure and not at all hyperventillating i did get an appolagy from a rarther embarresed dr luckly no long term damage there tho as my consultant seen me straight after him..

if i was you i would book myself into your local a and e department and get them to examine you..

gps are good for acute illness but mine dosenet really help with all my long term probs so i just bleep my consultant at hospital and speak to him.

hope your feeling better soon xx


hyperventilation or overbreathing is breathing more than is required to maintain normal blood gases and is normally related to panic attacks. However you may experience an increased rate of breathing (which may be seen be some to be hyperventilation) during an asthma attack. If you are feeling unwell and your GP isnt helping I would pay a visit to A&E

Hope you feel better soon.


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