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3 attacks in a week (HELP IS THIS NORMAL??)

Hi all,

My Asthma has been bad and im still wheezy and tight chested, i had an attacked last sunday, tuesday and a mild one yesterday nite.

I was given anti-biotics and steriod tablets (5 eday course) recently as she told me that i have a chest infection, however my doctor has changed 3 times since i was diagnosed nov 08 and i haven't been referred to an asthma nurse/specialist to check out what my asthma is like or even anything to inform me on what i have!

Does anyone else have any experiences like this? I am wheezy and tight chested today, should i go straight to my doctors tomorrow and demand to see a proper nurse to check me over? or go straight to A & E?

Many thanks

Kel xx

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Hi there sorry to hear you are unwell :(

As you are already on steroids and your in halers aren't helping you probably should get yourself get checked out at the hospital asap. They'd rather she you and discharge you later than have you struggle at home. Hope this helps.

Take care



If you are in any doubt go straight to a and e, as people have said many times on this forum, we cannot see you and therefore cannot advise you ;)

By the sounds of it you need hospital help. Please go to a and e and in future when you are in doubt also go hospital!

Hope you are better soon.



It is dangerous for us to give any advice here regarding emergency situations as we can't phyically see you! Plus many of us here are not health professionals.

Please read the terms and conditions of using this site.

If you are struggling please dial 999........

I hope you feel better soon!



Copied from the terms & conditions..........

Asthma UK's forums are for debate and discussion. Especially, they are not a suitable place to obtain medical advice in an emergency. If you feel unwell or need advice in an emergency situation, help should be obtained from one of the following sources:

* Your local GP service - either your surgery, or, if closed, the local out-of-hours centre; some regions also have NHS Walk-In Centres

* NHS Direct - a nurse-led advice line which can provide medical advice, or call an ambulance if needed - telephone 0845 46 47

* Dialling 999 for an emergency ambulance, or by going to your local Accident & Emergency department.

* Asthma UK's own guidance for what to do in an asthma attack

Any posts made requesting emergency advice will be removed so as to avoid causing upset to other message board users.

Opinions expressed in the forums are users' own, not those of Asthma UK, and are in no way a substitute for medical advice.


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