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immune boosters

hello all!

as we are all aware the autumn/winter season is kicking in and we all have to look after ourselves in this period of the seasons!

as this is my second year i want to make sure i look after myself better than last year and was wondering does any of you take any immune boosters for the season? i.e echineacea, golden seal or anything else that is good?

I have a few ideas however always best to share with you as some of you know what your doing better than me!

many thanks and hugs to all

kel xx

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Hi Kel,

I think most know that I take a high dose vitamin C (1000mg daily), that has a slow release formulation and high strength garlic as well, has worked for me at the moment, everyone around me has had colds and coughs for the last few weeks, I've escaped (thats done it, i'll be ill now).

There are side effect for some with a high dose vitamin C, usually stomach upsets, and frequent trips to the loo.

Hope you find something that works.



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