Acid reflux

Hi all,

My acid reflux has been bad and im more wheezy, im toild there is a link but does anyone else have such experiences?

if so a friend of mine who has asthma takes gaviscon and she is fine, i would like to do the same, and i remeber my aunty forever taking this, does anybody take this/something else? as i heard also that we are not supposed to take antacids.

many thanks

kel x

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  • Hey kel

    Theres is a link between asthma and reflux I suffer quite badly and take a PPI (Proton pump inhibitor) to reduce stomach acid and prevent reflux.

    Gaviscon only has a short term effect, you really need to be seeing your GP to ask about acid reducing meds eg. Omeprazole, lansoprazole for long term management for the reflux. I take antacids and I'm fine with them.

    Hope this helps


  • Hey Kel,

    i should point out to you i am not just taking gaviscon, i am also taking esomprezole 160mg per day (ridculously high dose i know!) and domperidone 10mg. The consultant still does not have it under control and my resp nurse today was pointing out that they may never get it controlled. But me being is not hearing that part and will keep pushing for them to do something.

    Go see your GP as i said earlier.

  • hi many thanks both!

    took some high strength gaviscon yesterday and its a bit better, of course i cant take them all the time so next time ill speak with the doctor.

    kel xx

  • Reflux


    I have reflux also which has enlarged the bronchiols in both lower lung bases and caused bronchiectasis in the left base, so be careful see your GP or Consultant about. My reflux is silent so I didn't know it was happening. I take Lansoprazole 30 mg once a day as it upsets my stomach if I take a higher dose, I also take Domperidone to help with nausea side effects from these and Uniphyllin. Stomach's have a lot to answer for with chest problems, LOL!.


  • I was told to take gaviscon advance regularly ie before meals -that might help

    I also have chest pain into the jaw and what feels like ants marching down the inside arm veins.

    am on eosmeprozole as well am waiting for the miracle am meant to have another acid test but still waiting to hear!


  • Penny, If you have pain radiating into your Jaw and funny feelings in your arms you should call NHS Direct NOW or even 999!

    Don't want to worry you but please get this sort of pain checked ASAP!


  • your right kate, altho i must admit every time i tell the doctors i have pain in my left arm they don't really seem to worry much.... my ECG tests should hopefully come back ok..... but yes kate is right penny you should get that checked out to be on the safe side....kel xx

  • yes i have been checked out regularly and strangely enough gtn spray sometimes helps. but it is persistant heartburn and very annoying, there is however an operation done in few places for reflux disease!!

    Not sure how to describe the feelings in my arm except like ants.

    There are however gaviscon advance tablets


  • hi

    Just a kinda update with my ? heartburn/reflux wa in hosptal over last couple of days experienced same kid of pain had ecgs and the spray then gaviscon. Explained about to the symptons to a respiratory dr who said if it goes into ur jaw its probably to do with your heart we'll get sumeone to see you before you go.Later another respiratory dr saw me said we cant find the heart dr your chest is clear go home.

    On my EDS discharge summary it said had chest pain probably reflux!!


  • Hey Penny,

    its a shamje when one dr says one thing and another dr say something else!

    hope your ok, haven't had the results of my ecg yet, going to the doctors today, fingers crossed!

    hope your ok

    kel x

  • hello

    Had same yesterday central chest pain across shoulders up the jaw ad down the arm, yes its scary took the spray and gaviscon left with what feels like only way can describe is ants marching down the arm veins!!

    its so frustrating because i had the fundoplication at heartlands arranged by dr mansur at brittle asthma unit ater acid tests they say he should sort it out, but why ? ive been discharged by the surgeon early 08. sorry small moan-


  • Penny please...

    if you can try and see your gp or someone soon that sound really odd, pain up your jaw and ants up your arm?

    are you taking lots of seretide or salbutomol? that can cause funny sensations in the arm, if however your meds are normal then i would get that chekced out. explain the mix up that happened at the hospital and that you need to see a Heart DR.

    pardon if ive forgotten what you wrote in the post, but have you had a heart scan or ECG's done? if so where they clear? or borderline?

    please keep us updated... hope you get better soon

    kel xx

  • have had ecgs wen was in this week and a nuclear heart scan dont know those results. ecgs were ok sd the dr on shift at he time.

    Its just so frustrating depending on who you ask you get a different answer.

    I'll try get gp appt tom theres none today unless go out of hourd but they likely send an amb and our local hosp on divert


  • today ive contacted the new comunity matron and told her all and fact still having pain and what happened in hospital etc she coming to see my l8er i'll lt you know what she says /does


  • Great news penny, hope it goes well.

    kel xx

  • just to let you know that Penny is now costified on MAU. Her community matron sent her to a&e with blue flashy lights. Shes ok and having heart tests, but they also think she has gastritis. Hopefully she can get things sorted this time!

  • hope she gets better soon.


    kel x

  • hello

    When rapid response arrived there were two of them the one that knew said to the other she has lots of allergies she came towards me and i went splat she said whats up he said it must be your perfume-so as usual my asthma overtook everything

    Had egcs all ok except bit fast hd test to see if i had a heart atteck thats also negative.Had the fortune to end up on a cardiac ward and saw a cardiac dr who knows me he did say head i been normal=gee thatnk- he would put me on the walking machine but he knows it woud trigger my asthma hes looking into things for me and hopefully get back to me. Hes aware i get the pain regularlly.

    Comunity matron getting back to me today but im still not sure what i can do with pain and the feelings down my arm-no one mentioned acid reflux at all although i never said i had it because i didnt want them to say it must be your reflux-if you know what i mean.


  • Hey Penny,

    really hope they get to the bottom off it for you, its all slow i know... im stil being monitored for my health (been off work 5 weeks and signed off another twqo till occuopational health assess me really frustrating doh!

    take care, keep us posted, push on whats causing the funny arm pain.. but at least our heart is ok..

    kel xx

  • I had a hand written letter from the consultant that sischarged me,he had spoken to the other consultant who sent me off for scans and they all normal .He said the chest pain was umlikely to be angina.but didnt say what he thought it was.

    He did however send his best wishes and said to continue baking cakes!! Im known for my lemon drizzle cake

    But still dont know what the pin is and no one mentioned reflux at all


    But have You solved your reflux?

  • I wish my consultant could sort out my reflux it is driving me up the wall!

  • unfortunately not sorted, sometimes i feel ok, not today tho!

    kel xx

  • it was good that a consultant did get back to me like he said but am no further forward with the pain and""ants"" going up and down my arm.Im fed up being told your on the max with meds and you seem to cope with but do I ? really? dont seem to have a choice do I ?

    Anyone else think the same?


  • Well im still 'getting there' had an awful asthma nurse but at a different practice now, seeing her the 17th april so we shall see how i go, i just take over the counter stuff for reflux but was really bad yesterday, may have to see if i can take something prescribed... we shall see... but like you penny real pain in my chest and tight chested... a pain in the derriere! still intrigued by your 'ant arms?' have they given NO indication what so ever??


  • just a thought penny, ants in your arms, are you sure it not like a tingling or pins and needles if so try eating more ready salted crisps. sounds daft but you may need more salt. Some times pred does that to me but not in my arms but in my legs and esp my feet.

  • on the boxes of PPI tablets it says its a short course of max 6 weeks most of us take them long term.

    Definately arms its when chest pain is central andup the jaw across shoulders and down the arms and makes u feel sick.i know when potassium is low and want more salt.

    ive cominity matron coming again on wed shes doing an incontinence assessment apparently its meant to be yearly thing!!

    Ill ask her again then bout the reflux but all anybody says is your on maximum dose

    Ive my kenalof(steroid) injection on monday and breathing exercises -the next new thing is im breathing wrong-ineffective breathing pattern been doing it since october apparently its the way of life-yea right!!

    One day it will get sorted i hope!!! in my dreams

  • not sure if its your thing penny, but have you tried yoga or pranayamic breathing? medititaion is good also as it a - calms the mind and body whilst relaxing it and b - you may not even realsie it but it wil regulate your breathing.

    im finding it all helpful... good luck pen i really hope it gets sorted soon, ive jsut got some pepcid to se eif it helps, gaviscon is ok at the start but not any more!

    chin up and speak soon

    kel xx

  • hello

    Still no further forward but have been told that if gtn helps then use it!!

    On a different note saw local consultant this week -hes not happy that Im on kenalog injections-probably more that he wasnt consulted first was arrange via reginal centre and my gp who sorted it before.

    hes still going on bout disfunctional breathing which i do exercises with a physio buut its the location where i have it where there are numerous triggers like this time, was newly mown grass, then smokers,perfume/aftershave,newly copy stuff and alcohol rub.although have room of my own its when the door is open again then it all starts again,was adamant wasnt going to casualy afterwards so had nebs i the car then waited to be able to drive-hey ho one day.

    He also mentioned the weight gain will try again but not as drastic as last time,was pre op for antireflux had to have slimfast and yogart over 10 weeks!!!

    Looks sunny out there already eyes are gritty


  • Saw my local consultant yesterday.Hes seen a prof from usa whose into reflux been added in ranitidine at night andbacloren 3 times a day its a muscle relaxant apparently oesaphagus is a muscle!!

    Professor Jamie Koufman says that if you treat the voice box as well, says if they can switch off the pepsin it reduces the reflux'

    I can but try cant I?

  • reflux

    I also suffer from reflux and have been on Omeprazole for the last two years and it has worked for me.

    Have a look at my original post on trying to get someone to take a holistic appraoch to relux, astham and sinusitis. I have spoken to the nurse on the asthma hotline and she suggested the Royal Brompton as an option, but having spoken to my GP today we have upped my medication prior to any referral there, see my last post on the holistic messages.

  • Omeprazole

    I have the same problem if I have been on a course of Pred or if I have suddenly had to take a lot of Symbicort. I always have a box of Omeprazole on standby and take it for a week. My Consultant suggested it and it's super.

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