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Not sure what is could be

Hey all,

I dont know if some of you remember but the start of this year i was off for 6 months with my asthma. I feel better however the doctors havent really got to the bottom of why i get chest pains and dizzy.

Having done ecgs, diagonosed with acid reflux, my heart (according) to the ecgs was fine, i need to go on better acid reflux tablets to help that but the funny thing is when my chest is tight (and i have a pain in the right side of my chest and the space between my neck and chest) my peak flow is still fine? yet i struggle to breath and cough and have the pains...

My docs don't know but i still get the syptoms, does anyone else have simliair or know if it could be anything else? i get quite worried sometimes as i dont want something to be getting worse?

My lungs and chest looked clear in my last x ray in june, do i need another test to look at my heart or my intestines even?

many thanks all and sorry for the long winded post, but frustrating when you have the same symptoms for 2 years and it doesnt seem to go away.....

hope you are all ok, let me know!

kel xxxx

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Hi Kelwoo, sorry I can't offer a solution or ideas as to what might be causing your symptoms - but I just wanted to say I hope you do get an answer soon!! The human body can behave in very strange ways - it's a shame we don't all come with an instruction manual and user's guide :) Take good care xx


hi kel

sorry to hear the struggle, affraid i can't give an answer either, but cold it be linked to the acid reflux, and if this is controlled better, then maybe the chest pains will ease. Is there a time morning or evening when the pain is worst? just wondering if morning, and you lie one side or the other, may be a link.



Hi Kel,

Have your doctors explored the possibility of Pericarditis?

Pericarditis is the inflamation of the heart sack and it can be caused by infection orother causes, can lead to an effusion between your heart sack and your heart (so your heart is basically sitting in a bag of fluid) and can also cause fluid to build up in your lungs when your heart isnt pumping your blood fast enough. However that said, from what ive learn pericarditis can also occur chronically at a low level of inflamation over many months.

2 and a half years ago i had pericarditis acutely, and they never identified the full cause- they think it was a viral infection. I had really bad chest pain and my lungs really burnt, everytime i walked around i would get really dizzy and short of breath, the moment i stopped i was ok and my SATs went back to normal (they dropped from 98 to 88 just by walking up some steps in the tube station to an ambulance!).

The london a and e drs (i had been on a short break in london) did x-rays, blood gases, blood tests etc, put me on nebs too but couldnt identify a proper cause. They decided in the end that it was my asthma playing up and i probably had a chest infection. I wasnt convinced by this as normal with my asthma i cough and cough (no wheeze) until my lungs burn and im generally very sick. There was no cough at all at this point! it didnt add up really.

a few days later, after being told by my gp i had a cold and to 'stop whining', i ended up back in a and e in dorset. They repeated the x-rays and other tests. ECG was normal, nebs werent helping, x-ray now showedfluid in my lungs, and i had developed a cough too. They decided it was blood clots on my lungs. That was until i started to get a strange rubbing sensation in my chest- essentially i could actually feel my heart rubbing inside bag of fluid my heart sack had become. I askeda dr to listen to my heart and they humoured me and to thier shock heart the rubbing heart!!! after a few hiccups (drs on the ward refusing for 4 hours to beleive my claims that my 'heart was rubbing inside my chest' story and going with the blood clots in lungs info on my charts!) they finally treated me for the pericarditis and it was confirmed with an ultrasound the following morning (it was bank holiday weekend and they couldnt find anyone to do a proper echocardiogram on me!) i spent 5 days in hospital. I recovered quite quickly and my heart is now fine, although ive never truely got better as have developed chronic fatigue syndrome from that episode- but thats a seperate issue!

Anyway, what im trying to get at here is that even though i had a serious case of pericarditis that was putting strain on my heart and filling my lungs with fluid, none of the hospitals diagnostic tests could detect it (including several ECGs). Aparently my heart was slightly enlarged on my x-rays but it was overlooked originally and my GP dismissed it when she was informed. That was the only clue that there was something up with my heart, they were sure it was my asthma/lungs to blame. If i hadnt pushed them to listen to my heart it wouldnt have been picked up!!!

Could you request to have an echocardiogram? its basically an ultrasound of your heart looking at the structure of your heart and blood flow- its like giving your heart an MOT they can check you dont have leaky valves, a hole in your heart (although it can miss ones at the back of your heart), other defects, or an inflamed pericardium/ fluid between your pericardium and your heart. It would be a good way to put your mind at rest that your heart isnt to blame for your problems.

Another thing that may be worth looking into is pleuricy? Which is similar to pericarditis but around the lungs instead of the heart!

I really hope you get to the bottom of your problems soon, but you really should tell your dr's that you are still in pain! xx


pleurisy, i have had that!!! ur back is really sore and it hurts wen ppl give hug or knock ur back. it also is pain ful wen breathing in. i think i also did go dizzy at times with pain and short of breath, i got pluersy around same time as pneomthorax and that is also same kind of pain. Ask for a lung xray to rule out hole in lung. but pluerisy i cannot remeber treatment apart from boots own brand of deep heat muscle rub was amazing and give me a little relief, try that where the pain is!

Hope my woffle is of some use.


chest pain

wow i have just posted about this i am feeling the very same , a family friend who is not a doc but works in the medical field has told me to get my heart checked as well . he said they are putting it all down tp asthma i mean im on 4 inhalers and phiolcontin plus nebs and still short of breath surely this is not right.


chest pain

wow i have just posted about this i am feeling the very same , a family friend who is not a doc but works in the medical field has told me to get my heart checked as well . he said they are putting it all down tp asthma i mean im on 4 inhalers and phiolcontin plus nebs and still short of breath surely this is not right.


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