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Any advice (still new to all this and in a bad way sorry!)

Hi All,

I am about to finish my course of anti-biotics tomorrow evening for a chest infection i've had since last tuesday. (been taking the anti-biotics for a week, finished the pred steriods yesterday.)

Doctor said it sounded better yesterday however i still feel very tight chested and breathing is ok but not the best... difficult sometimes esp at night.. it would of been a week on the anti-biotics but am quite concerned that once they run out and im still feeling bad it might not go properly.

does anyone have any experience on how long its usually taken their chest infections to go? My phelm feels looser however still can't sleep at night and tight during the day still..

I am also developing a cold which concerns me if it goes to my chest, so on the hot lemon and honey, paracetomol and vit c tabs....

im fed up with being in A & E and the doctors the last week, however should i request more anti-biotics if i still feel bad friday once they run out?

thanks all and hope you are all feeling ok, at least the weather is getting warmer!!

kel ;0)

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Hi Kel,

Sorry that you're going through a rough patch - hope you get well soon. If you're not feeling better, please go back to see your doctor on Friday (or sooner if feeling worse), so that he or she can listen to your chest, and decide if more treatment is needed.

Bacterial chest infections can take more than a few days to clear up, and the asthma a bit longer still to settle down again.

Hope that helps,



Hello Kel,

Although you may have finished the antibiotics, the green gunge etc can linger for some weeks after. Sometimes it is non-infecting and the anti bs have clobbered the bugs, occasionally, it may be an awkward bug ( bacteria) and it could be resistant to that anti b. If you still feel like you have an infection, get GP to do a sputum sample to see what the bug is and what will clobber it!

I find sometimes the gunge goes on for weeks........... it can take time for your body to get rid of it especially i you are unable to clear it properly by having a good asthma free cough.

Sorry for the gunge refferences!



Many thanks for that Kate and Ginny, and no worries about the gunge ref!

Cheers girls and hope your well

Kel xx


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