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Symptoms of Asthma??

Hi all,

Hope you are all ok. I wondered if anyone had experienced the following?

Normally, I am very wheezy but haven't been for the past few weeks.

Initially, 5 weeks ago, I got a chest infection followed by a virus and swollen glands, which included a trip to A&E and 5 trips to the GP's in the past 5 weeks and another booked for tomorrow.

I feel absolutely exhausted and as soon as I go out of the house and start walking about or doing anything, I feel my chest tightening and feel really light headed and weak. I also seem to be getting a lot of pain in the base of my lungs. In particular on my right side, where I initially had the infection. The GP seemed very uninterested in the pain and said it must be muscular from coughing, I said I hadn't hardly coughed but they didn't offer any additional explanations! The GP did listen to my chest and said that I wasn't wheezy so they doubt it is my asthma?? I am sure it is. I get so out of breath. I have previously had physio for hyper ventilation syndrome so I am trying to do my breathing exercises. I know what because I am not wheezing, it just sounds like I panting! Even my partner keeps saying, 'slow your breathing', I wish I could!!

I haven't been to work for 5 weeks now and I have now been referred to occupational health, who I am seeing on Friday. Does anyone know what to expect at one of these appointments as I am a bit worried about it.

I feel really low and as if people don't understand how ill I feel because I look well. Then I wonder if it is all in my head but again as soon as I go out, I feel like I could collapse because I feel so short of breath and weak.

Does anyone else seem to be suffering like this?

It is difficult because it is different symptoms to normal.


Heather x

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Hi Heather, sounds like you are having a hard time, you have my sympathy. If you have been unwell to that extent for 5 weeks, it is not too surprising to be having pain around your ribs or lower chest area. If you have had hyper ventilation too, there could be muscle or tendon strain related to it.

I certainly would not worry about an occupational health consultation. They are usually conducted by a very experienced GP. They usually reasure your employer by suggesting a possible pathway to return to work and a realistic timescale. I have been off work for 3 weeks with asthma triggered by a virus followed by a lung infection. My chest feels like it has been used as an anvil :-) Best of luck. Si


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