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No-one is listening and Steroids are not working

I am suffering with my asthma at the moment. I have been on 40mg of steroids now for 10 days. Normally, by now, it would have improved but I seem to be getting different symptoms.

I am a brittle asthmatic. Normally, I have quite a loud wheeze but this time, I am just breathless and there is no wheeze. I don't feel too bad as long as I don't do anything, yet as soon as I start moving about and try to go out, I get really short of breath and worn out and feel absolutely exhausted.

I have been to the GP 3 times and the hospital twice in the past 10 days.

A&E let me come home on the condition I got an urgent appointment with my consultant. My GP sent him a letter, I emailed him and after various phone calls finally spoke to his secretary today who said he does want to see me urgently but his next slot is 22nd Sept!!!!

GP says there is nothing more they can do as I need to see the consultant.

Meanwhile, I feel so low being stuck at home and feel under pressure to return to work but am not sure I am up to it.

Is anyone else having similar symptoms, which are different to normal? I am wondering if it is this humid, muggy weather?



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Hi Hev

I am suffering exactly the same, almost.....I am brittle asthmatic too and I have no real wheeze but feel exhausted. I have been on 40mg pred for a few months now and I was in hospital at the beginning of July, and normally I get back to my normal pretty quickly but this time I just feel really warn out all the time. Just been to my GP and she just gave me some antibiotics etc and said just got to be careful, monitor my peak flows etc etc, this was not my usual GP and therefore she don't really know me and told me that I just had to be careful, rest the usual bumph and wait to see the nurse on Monday.

She thinks it has something to do with the weather and the fact that we have been forecast thunder.

Hope you feel better soon.


Hi Sam

It is interesting to hear you are suffering very similar symptoms.

Are you managing to work still or has the doctor been signing you off?

We have just had a massive thunder storm so hopefully the air will clear slightly.

Hope you get better soon.


hi Hev

i have been the same for the past two months, and am so tired with it now. i have been in and out of hospital for overnight stays but they say that alot of asthmatics are the same at the moment and there isn't alot they can do other than what i do at home.

like you say being house bound is sole destroying and frustrating.

just try to rest up and keep ringing your consultants secretary (there might be a cancellation or fit you in at the end of a clinic)


There's definitely something odd this year as from anecdotal evidence there seems to be a lot of us suffering the same symptoms whoe are usually well controlled. My hunch is that the weather is to blame, it's the strangest summer i can ever recall.


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