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IV meds (urgent ish new question added in)

A few days ago, Emma had a big attack in hospital. She had 2 nebs with time in between and got worse with her condition. She had another 6 nebs back to back, and this seemed to sort her asthma out. The doctors who were around at the time mentioned about getting an IV line going with some sort of medication, Emma is against IV's. This is for my own piece of mind more than anything - IF she agreed to getting an IV line in, would this keep her more stable between nebs? What is the first line of medication for IV?

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Hi, hope Emma starts to pick up soon. I,ve had IV, antiobiotics, steroids and magnesium during admissions. I didn't encounter any problems and am always willing to try anything if it might help.a cannular was put in my hand and the IV.s delivered through this, completely painless just a pain when trying to put on or take off my dressing gown!. The Doctors could choose steroids first, when you visit her why not ask to speak to one of the team who will tell you of their plans for Emma. Hope this helps. x


She's already on IV antibiotics for bad pneumonia and a mild blood infection, she says cannula's hurt when it comes to putting them in which is what puts her off any IV medication for attacks I think.


I'm a little bit confused by the whole thing of IV medication. I'm confused about the whole asthma treatment thing but that's a whole new story.

If my daughter is on the ""highest"" our GP can ""prescribe"", when she has an appointment with asthma consultant, and if she gets put on higher medication by them, would this mean that she can be given more medication than a lot of back to back nebulisers? She DOES respond to nebuliser treatment, it just takes a while, she often has a rebound when she comes off them and it takes a lot of neb things for it to become stable. She has IV steroids at the minute due to being ventilated. She has been offered IV treatment for attacks, but refused them as she didn't know how she'd react to them, ect.

If she gets put on higher/stronger medication by consultant, and she reacts well to it. If they have a similar thing in IV form, would they be able to use that? Would it be something to ask her doctor tomorrow?

Am I making any sense or am I just rambling on TRYING to make sense?


I'm a little confused about what Emma is being offered. During bad attacks in A+E or on the wards it is quite usual for them to use IV lines to get medications like IV Hydrocortisone, Aminophylline and magnesium sulphate on board. I have them regularly when I go in with acute attacks and they do help me a lot. This is along with back to back nebs...more especially when the nebs stop working.

Some people have sub cut medication which means they have very strong medication continuously via a tube that goes under the skin (not intra venous) but this is not acute treatment - more an ongoing one.

Maybe it would help if you were able to ask the doctors exactly what they mean by IV medication? What they want to use and when? If you are ever confused by what is being said please do ask the doctor to explain - and if you still don't understand don't be afraid to ask for more explanations. The nurses should also be able to give you help in understanding it all.

It is important that you and Emma (when she is able to) understand all the options and what and why the doctors are suggesting things. Most medical/nursing staff will be only too happy to explain things to you and take it at your pace.

Hope this helps a little



after speaking with you, what ur talking bout gill, is IV aminophylline or magnesium sulphate so she would be on that through the IV in between nebs

depending on local trust policy : magnesium is over 20-30 mins

aminophylline is given firstly over 30 mins - as she doesnt take it as tabs, then as an infusion over 28 hrs and stopped when attacks is controlled, but nebs continue throughout.

due to her dropping BP with nebs thats okay as magnesium and aminophylline and made up with saline so will control that too :)

x x x


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