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swine flu vaccine has caused asthma flare up??


All 3 of my kids had pandemrix vaccine on Thursday afternoon. 2 of them had high temperatures on Friday afternoon. My son (5 years) has coughing type asthma which was diagnosed last year. He has been on 2 puffs of becotide twice a day and singulair. His asthma has been in good control gp suggested reducing his meds this september but we decided not to reduce them due to swine flu risk. He seemed to get a cold on Saturday and his asthma has got worse since then. I am bringing him to gp this afternoon. His younger brother (who is not asthmatic) also has a cold and is coughing but is not as bad as our 5 year old.

I am just wondering has the vaccine aggravated his asthma and did anyone else have this after vaccination? Thanks

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Thanks for the reply but I can't access the link?


sorry, they both point to the same topic on here in the general forum, 'Swine flu jab and sickness'


Thanks for the link.

Back from the gp. She said that the practice have seen quite a few kids with colds/mild flu after the vaccine.


Think it's finally caught up with me. Peak flows had been climbing and feeling well, then the day after the jab, started to fell slight cough, and PF, slowly downwards, but yesterday morning they fell over the cliff, and I feel really rough, cough, rough tight chest, and freezing. my OH said i feel colder than the freezer just now. off back to bed and sleep.



Get well soon and sending lots of love and hugs to you xxxx

Aura ,hope sons better soon xx


Hope you feel better soon. My kids are still coughing but it is gradually easing for them


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