Refused Flu Jab

I have been having the flu Jab for many years now due to asthma. Today I called the surgery to ask about an appointment as I found it strange that I hadn't been invited to come along this year! Couldn't believe when the receptionist said they are not giving asthma patients the shot this year only diabetes patients etc. She couldn't really tell me much more, has anyone else come across similar situation this year??

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  • Nope. The criteria have not changed from last year - I'd phone and have a word with the doctor/nurse rather than reception and clarify the situation.


    (A GP speaketh)

  • People with asthma are encouraged at my surgery without an appointment they just doing a walk in clinic.

  • She said it was the doctors decision, but like you said Cath I better clarify.

    Otherwise I will have to pay for the bleeder.

  • Both me and my daughter at our asthma reviews were both told to book into the clinic that was being held on a saturday morning and wednesday afternoon. The people told to come were the same and was on a headed letter from the NHS.

    I would phone your surgery and get this double checked as this should not be the case specially when asthmatics are more prone to chest infections and flu. My daughter is recovering from a chest infection at the moment. She suffers really badly so without this jab we would probably be in hospital as she goes down hill quickly.

    Hope this helps some and hope you get your jab asap.


  • Apparently, for the first time my surgery has decided not to put the asthmatics into a high risk category. Eventually after the over 65's and diabetics I will get seen to. But they can't tell me when! I decided not to argue and went to a private hospital to pay. If I didn't have so much work to do, I would have created a right stink.

  • I would have thought it would be safer and cheaper for the NHS to vacinate everyone it the at risk category. It would me much more expensive to treat and see people who are at risk such as asthmatics with the Flu and complications such as pneumonia caused by flu.

    The TV advert shows very clearly that asthmatics are at risk and need vacinating.

    All it needs is everyone to be called in for a mass vaccination, which could be done on a conveyer system, a spare receptionist to book them in, one HCP to check for risks and one nurse to give the jab, people could be in and out very quickly. Or surgeries could book 2 minute jab appointments.


  • Hi Josie

    I am saddened to read that your surgery has taken this decision. My surgery is still offering jabs to people with asthma and other respiratory problems. I am glad that you have decided to still have the flu jab, albeit elsewhere.

    I hope this is not seen as advertising, but my local Asda supermarket are offering flu jabs for £10. I seem to remember Boots doing the same thing a couple of years ago.


  • Definitely a real shame. My surgery held a Saturday morning clinic for 1st time - went much better tho I was stuck in waiting room with room full of oldies clucking at how young i was to be there and how sad it was i had a condition that meant i needed the jab!! whilst there they jabbed me with pneumonia jab after being shocked they'd not given it to me before, so i now have 2 sore arms still! Agree with Kate - not sure of cost logic of not giving jab when cost of care if you got flu would be so much higher.

  • I agree with the others it is a real shame that your surgery is not offering you the flu jab...My surgery held a flu jab clinic about a week ago and another one next week...And the receptionists were going out of their way to remind people to book their jabs, my asthma nurse told me weeks before they were due to have the jabs delivered that I was to make sure mine was booked as soon as possible...I just thought that it was standard practice that all practices had to follow the government thing on who gets the jab, its on the tv ad after all.

    Take care


  • My son had his jab yesterday. Nurse made sure he went the same time as his dad, who has the jab because of a heart condition. Our surgery is making sure all asthma patients have it.

  • My doctors are still offering the jab to athmatics, although they won't let me have one because I have had a nasty cough for weeks now but all the postersin the surgery stil say that asthmatics are in the high risk group. It sounds a bit like penny pinching ot me!

  • It sounds like penny pinching to me""

    Au contraire, the practice income actually improves according to the number of at-risk patients vaccinated. And there is no shortfall in vaccine supply this year as there was a couple of years ago. So I cannot understand this policy at all....

  • flu jab

    Our doctors held a saturday morning flu jab morning, even my husband who is main carer had his done this year.

  • As another medically-qualified asthmatic (though not a GP so not directly involved in providing flu jabs) I continue to be puzzled by this thread too - it's not up to an individual practice to decide who is in an ""at risk"" group, that's very clearly a national policy based on large bodies of research.

    So your GP doesnt decide who is at risk and who isn't, your GP needs to be offering vaccination to those who are in well-established at risk groups, if that makes sense?

    It is true that the practice gains income from higher uptake of vaccination so all in all it makes no sense at all. Perhaps you can call your PCT or PALS (Patient advice and liaison service) and let them know what's going on.

    We all got lined up at a team meeting in my hospital last year and one had to opt out very actively to avoid being jabbed! Suited me as otherwise i have to take at least 2 hours off work to go to my GP as I have quite a long commute.

    Keep us posted


  • Are carers eligible for a free flu jab then?

    If that is the case i will see if hubby can get it with 2 of us at risk in the house. it would make sense.

  • Hops, before asthma/diabetes I wasnt in a at risk group but surgery always insisted I had it as 1) if I got flu who would look after sean while his dad at work and b) Sean was at risk if I got flu.

    I would definatly see if you can get hubby a jab.

  • Refused by doctor

    I was refused a flu jab by my doctor because I am taking the blue inhaler but won't take the steroid one. According to my doctor I am therefore disobeying their advice. However, I am functioning well without steroids and would like to avoid this as long as possible. Surely it is my choice? And surely it doesn't mean that I am not eligible for the flu jab? My asthma is potentially at it's worse during the cold months and I thought all advice was insistent that asthma sufferers were entitled to have this jab!? Any thoughts welcome.

  • Hi HG, if it helps page 7 of the NHS flu immunisation factsheet contains advice on groups of people who should be offered immunisation. I'm not sure if all asthmatics are included under chronic respiratory disease though, so it's probably best to go back to ask your doctor or another GP.

  • I *think*, well at least this is what it looks like on our surgery factsheet about the flu jab, that you have to be on a steroid inhaler to qualify for the flu jab.

  • At one of my clinics I asked about the flu jab, and was told that the practice was to only give it to under 16's or over 60's unless you are really weak or unwell. I'm fit and well (asthma excluded) so told not to have it.

  • Refused flu jab


    I think the guidelines have changed- again!I believe(but might be wrong) that the criteria for the flu jab is if you are on a steroid inhaler - but you should have a chat to your gp or asthma nurse to see if you can have one anyway- good luck!

    regards Fi

  • My surgery gave it to me no problem. There is no real criteria, I have asthma so I get the jab. Didn't do me much good this year though. I have been stuck at home for a week now with the flu.

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