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Pneumo Jab Pain :(

Had my flu jab on thursday which was fine, arm was and still is virtually painless apart from on the evening i went down ill with cold sweats, shakes etc...and felt rough for about 4 hours..next day back to normal. BUT whilst there for that jab i had to have the pneumo jab in my other arm...i was told it would sure for a couple of days but should be fairly fine. WRONG! my arm is complete agony! After 4 days im struggling with the pain of it, getting dressed is a long drawn out task and ive barely slept. My stepdad brushed past my am on friday night and it was so painful i went faint and sick. Its now sunday and its still incredibly bad. Has anybody else had this or should i see my doctor tomorrow?

Sam xx :(

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I think u should definitely see the doctor today Sam.



I had my pneumo jab a few years ago now, but my arm was sore for about a week after it. My arm was stiff and i couldnt touch it without being in agony. My mum had the same!

Hope your starting to feel a bit better now?


Hi Sam

I had mine about 6 weeks ago and my arm hurt for about 2 days. You should def get it checked out.



After a week and a half its much better :) the doc said although it has to be given in the upper arm the nurse had done it a little too high and too close to the joint where its more sensitive or sommat. He did say that some people can suffer upto 2 weeks with it if unlucky as the type of needle thats used can tear the muscle, depends on the person! some get no probs other than being achey and others end up in agony! The joys of being unlucky! Luckily i was off work with hols days!

Sam, x :)


Thanks for the update Sam. I was wondering how u got on. The worst jab I ever had was from my GP who was 'helping' with a long flu jab queue - he really jabbed it in and I was in pain for weeks afterwards! Anyway, glad you are ok now.


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