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Asthma and Heart Condition

Hi everyone,

I used to be a regular on here but have been preoccupied lately with my kids being diagnosed with a hereditary heart condition called Long QT Syndrome. It is a problem in the electrical impulses in the heart that can cause life-threatening arrhythmias. I am telling you guys about it because it seems that up to 20% of the people with Long QT Syndrome also have asthma. And to make matters worse alot of the medications used to treat asthma make this syndrome much worse. My 2 boys are now on Beta blockers which can make asthma worse. Sounds like a nightmare doesn't it. So far they have both tolerated the Betas (Atenolol) pretty good. Other than a lower heart rate and a bit of tiredness at first, their asthma has been about the same. I urge everyone to go to the Website sads.ca or there is also one in the UK sads.org.uk and read about it. It could save the life of someone you know or even yourself. Hope everyone is feeling good these days and I think of you often.


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Hi Im glad you finally got a diagnosis and that your kids are now getting the help/meds they need lets hope they dont cause too many probs with the asthma.

I know i am clear of the syndrome as was tested after my sister dies of SADs 18 mths ago.

you are all in my thoughts

take care and thanks for letting us know how things are going.


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