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I know there was a post about Kenalog last week - but this is a slightly different question (sorry mods - I wasn't sure if I should post on that topic or start a new topic - so I hope this is ok?).

My question is for anyone who has had Kenalog (or perhaps Parents/carers of children etc). How long usually does it take for Kenalog to start working? I had an injection last Wednesday, but my asthma has not really improved at all and I wondered if it takes longer than a week - am I just being impatient? I know its probably a difficult question to answer, as everyone is different, but any help would really be appreciated.

Many thanks, Sarah x

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Don't worry, Sarah, it's fine to start a new thread.

I'm not entirely sure of the answer, I'm afraid, and it's not easy to find much written on the subject. I would imagine that there's quite a lot of variability between people, and I would think that it could easily take more than a week. Some people can take up to a week or so, or even longer, to respond to oral pred, and a depot preparation could easily be expected to take longer.

I'm sure those who have personal experience will be able to advise on their experiences.

Take care

Em H


Hi, My son has had a varied response to kenalog. Some months it makes a difference within 48 hrs and other mths it can take a couple weeks. He has been on it since April every 3-4 weeks and no two mths have been the same.

One benefit Sean has noticed is he doesnt get pred munchies or gain weight on kenalog but unfortunaly still gets moon face but that varies with each injection also. It's been really difficult to tell how successful kenalog has been compared to pred as Sean has needed couple admissions and several courses pred top up and has been started on Aziathropine (steroid sparing agent).

I hope Kenalog works for you, it seems to be quite popular at moment.


Hi Emily H and Julie,

Thanks for your posts - they have been really useful. I had 3 kenalog injections around this time last year - but they seemed to work a lot quicker, so I just wanted to see how others reacted. I have dropped my pred from 40mg to 20 mg each day while I have the injection, but the attacks are still quite frequent - but I will see how it goes.

Thanks so much for your replies,

Take care, Sarah x


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