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Where are you all you good people?

Feeling bereft and dejected. Posted a piece headed ‘What kind of Asthma is this?’ about a week ago and not one single reply of advice has come back. What have I done? Is my kind of Asthma so rare that nobody knows the answer. I think not! But it would be helpful to know more about it.

On reading the various postings I realise that what I have is comparatively mild compared with some poor souls, nevertheless some guidance really would be appreciated, especially on the steroid tablets I seem to be having to rely more and more upon. Come on good people.


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Sorry you feel like that maritime, I can't find you original post so don't know what to say!

How are you? also no one can see you profile as we can't click on your name! always nice to share things...



as someone has already pointed out your original post was rather long, try asking people one question at a time, i have found you get a better response that way, some people only pop on briefly and do not have time for a marthon rely, let alone a marothon read.

You need to get your doctor to work with you to get your asthma controlled, have you tried going to see an asthma nurse?

Hope that helps you for future posting? not being nasty just trying to be helpful.


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