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Freeway elite"" portable nebuliser

Hello, I have a Porta-Neb Ventstream Nebuliser and I am thinking of buying a Freeway elite, as would like the opportunity to go out without having to carry the Porta neb. Can anyone who has experiece of using the ""Freeway elite"" give me their opinion of it's ""Pros and or cons"". My condition is quite severe and I was pensioned off last year as I have a severe reaction to 100s of things, as you can imagine this places huge restrictions on my daily life. Thank you for reading this and hope that there is someone out there that can help me. Also would like to ""talk"" with anyone who like me is stuck at home. Thanks again

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Hello Susy & welcome to AUK!

How is it in Orkney?

I have a freeway freedom which is the predecessor to the Freeway Elite - I think they have made a few improvements since but it is overall a very good workhorse and portable too! If you are happy carrying it around go for it.

I still have a portaneb for back up at home.

Another type of nebuliser you could consider is a very small portable one called the Omron Micro Air - It is a mesh nebuliser ( ultrasonic) , silent and weighs less than half a pound and fits into most large handbags. It does need some cleaning to maintain it but it is fantastic - mine has been to the Falklands ( Like the Orkneys but with Penguins!) The only down side is that it can be a bit fiddly if you are having a severe attack.

Overall, the freedoms have a very good reputation, though the batteries may need replacing after 2-3 years depending on use etc.

Hope this helps a wee bit!

Hop over to camping 2 where we are a very friendly bunch of severe (brittle) and not so severe asthmatics for general chat & friendship!




Freeway elite

Hello Kate, Thank you so much for your information, I will look into your suggestions !!! I am just hoping to get something that will allow me to go to the shops or for a ""Peedie"" (means small in Orcadian) walk. My husband was concerned that the Freeway or anything similar would not be powerful enough to dispense the nebule solutions at an adecuate rate!!.

Here in Orkney we are in the middle of a cold front that it's ""Artic"" or ""Antartic"". Did you like the Falklands?, I was born in Chile and although I never got the chance to visit the Falklands I think I am at the closest thing to it here in The Orkney Islands. I love it here but it is not for the weak hearted, life is hard and we are often without transport links to the mainland of Scotland, but none the less I would not choose to live any where else now.

Thank you for your info and hope to hear from you again soon. Kind regards. Susy


Don't worry about the power of a freeway - It will whack through ventolin at a good rate!

Falklands Fantastic - will PM you with more bits sometime!




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