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Hi, newbie here with a pred question!

I'm probably asking something that's already been asked and answered, in which case I apologise!

I was on a short 3 week course of prednisolone at the end of Jan beginning of Feb, I remember the leaflet saying something about avoiding chickenpox and lower immune system, is this just while taking the steroids or for some time afterwards? If the latter then how long, cos my friend's son has just come down with chickenpox.

Also what is it about steroid treatment that means you have to mention it to dentists and doctors for upto a year after taking them? Does it affect some part of your body for that long?

I keep meaning to ask my nurse that question, but consistently forget!

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I don't know answers to these questions, but I'm waiting with interest to hear comments form any more experienced asthmatics here :)

I've been thinking about the combination of pred and a flue.. Since I've heard pred can make the flue symptoms invisible.. Is this true? Is there anything a pred user should know about it? I've been having some kind of a flue trying to come on me for several weeks now, simultaneously with the pred period.. Though I'm not sure if it's a real flue/cold, maybe it's 'just' my asthma... who knows ;)


I've never heard that about it making the symptoms invisible, but I've felt like I'm coming down with something since I stopped taking the pred too, not like the flu, just like I'm getting a cold and sore throat, though it's never actually become a proper cold or sore throat. I just figured I was getting my third cold of the year! ;)


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