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Sore Site after sof set use

Hi Everyone,

Apologies for the details in advance. I have been using Bricanyl via sof sets for six years without problems, but just before Christmas of last year I developed a small ulcer a couple of weeks after the sof set was removed. After much messing about by various parties silver dressings and it healed, but during this time another former site became a problem also. Three months down the line this site is so inflamed it has become purple, the skin tissue feels like a blister in that there is fluid under the skin. Daily the skin dies and peels away, with the skin left underneath being rather sore and angry looking, with some areas breaking down altogether. The damaged area is now about 3 inches in diameter. I have had no further problems with old sites in the past couple months. I have been to my GP, District Nurse who has suggested that I should dilute the Bricanyl which I won't because I am doing it the way the Brompton taught me, my respiratory nurse who after asking around (I am under local care), referred me back to the District Nurse, my dermatology nurse who has been great, who then asked a tissue viability nurse. But today I am no further to sorting this sore site out than I was 3 months ago.

I am getting desperate to sort this out, close fitting clothes are uncomfortable and if I accidentally knock myself I really know about it. So if anyone has any ideas they would very much appreciated.

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Hi Katina, get them to clean out the site properly, I had a sugeon do a knife and fork clean out, ended up with a hole that could you could hide a grape in! This was then treated with aquasorb and this stuff is awesome, the first time I saw the extent of the hole I was shocked as was everyone, we started packing it with aquasorb and the results are amazing. I was sure I would be ""dressing"" it for months but this aquasorb heals by drawing the gunk and wound up from the bottom towards the top, you could see the it healing every dressing change (2-3 days) 4 weeks and what I described as my crater is healed. I have a scar and we are a little concerned it goes deeper than was excavated but it is a watch it and see. To give you some idea it was about 7cm x 5cm and a little over 1.5cm deep mostly although it was deeper in some places.

Good luck



Hi Katina,

Bex Advice is good. If it has gone on that long, it needs to be professionally sorted otherwise you may run out of space for new needles.

Sounds like blind abscesses, you can feel the lumps under the skin. Peely skin indicates infected I think.

Regarding bricanyl - diluting it will only make your sites worse as there is more stuff going in and this makes you more prone to malabsorbtion, sterile abscesses, etc

I now use IV ventolin as you need half the quantity as it is 1mg to 1ml whereas Bricanyl is 0.5mg to 1ml.

Take care



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