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New to all this


I've been a mild asthmatic for most of my adult life, nebulised once about five years ago when I lived with a heavy smoker (I don't live with him anymore).

I'm a keen runner and I noticed once it got warm I was struggling with my breathing, went to my doctor and was given becotide. Three weeks later I went back to my doctor who realised the becotide was making me worse and he gave me seretide and told me to stay home from work for the rest of the week as I was running a bit of a temp.

That was two weeks ago. Went back yesterday and my peak flow hasn't improved (330, what should it be?). I've been given prednisolone for five days and told to stay off work until I've finished the course. I was also sent for a chest x-ray and I'm still running a bit of a temp.

Today I feel awful, can hardly speak, feel wobbly and light-headed. Lying down is about all I can manage at the moment. I don't suffer with wheezing but I do cough and I have a pain in the middle of my back. My question is, am I feeling so bad because of the steroids or is my asthma just getting worse and worse? I don't want to seem dramatic, but how do I know when I should be getting off myself off to hospital or is this all just normal, put up and shut up until the drugs do their thing?

Any advice would be gratefully received, thanks


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Use this link to give you a predicted PEF value, its based on Age, Sex and height, but don't worry if you're a long way under the predicted.

The usual forum rules of wwe can't give medical advice apply, but if you are struggling to breath or constant symptoms, and you can't get them under control with your recover meds (ventolin etc) then be on the safe side and GP or A&E.





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