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Has been a rough week

Well, since Friday night things have not been good.

I saw the duty GP on Monday and he put me on the nebuliser for a while and that was really helpful. I've been taking the pred and the antibiotics, and my inhalers. But I'm still struggling with my breathing. I still need my Ventolin between 3 and 5 times a day.

I'm still getting out of breath and stuff walking up the stairs.

I've been off work all week and really need to go back tomorrow - I'm getting a new boss and she doesn't start for a couple of weeks so I'm still holding the fort. And I've had a lot of sickness, between all of my chest infections and other health issues. I worry for my job.

It was my partner's 30th birthday yesterday and we are due to go to Go Ape on Saturday to celebrate, but I just don't know if I'm well enough. I'm gutted. I'm tempted to go anyway and see what happens.

I meant to go back to work today, but I was up again in the night and my chest is not happy today. My peak flow isn't bad, but I feel rough :(

Fed up.

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Oh I do feel for you. I have been in the same position so many times myself. We've had to cancel lots of things over the years because me or son George were ill and it's terribly disappointing (even his christening as a baby had to be postphoned, not to mention holidays, theatre, school activities...)

Is the Go Ape where you climb in trees on ropes? if it is, I don't honestly think you will be up to it. It's very strenuous and I can't see you managing it if you're struggling to get about now. You COULD go and see how you get on, but you don't want to make yourself poorly if you're trying to get back to work.


Aw Piglet, hope you feel better soon.

I know I would be the same, wanting to get on and do the things you used to, and want to do. But pushing yourself too hard could make things even worse for you. At the end of the day, work can wait so you don't want to rush back to work if you'r not up to it. However, if you go to GO APE and end up off work when you already feel bad, wouldn't be good. Why don't you postpone the GO APE or just go and watch?

Hope you're soon on the mend, take care xxx


Well, I've made it back to work. I feel like I'll pass out every time I stand up, and have an elephant on my chest, but I've made it.

I haven't been able to bring myself to cancel Go Ape.

I wish I'd stayed in bed.


Ahhhh, Piglet, I know how you feel. I've had to take loads of time of work this year. Between Jan and August, I've had close to a month off if you add up all the days. Sometimes it can't be helped and although paying bills etc is important, so is your health and well-being.

Hope you manage to rest up and feel better soon. Try not to run before you can walk again though..



Go Ape cancelled, although if I am well enough on the day I may be able to do it, provided my place hasn't been taken.

I need to go home, I just feel so rubbish. And feeling v sorry for self and v tearful.

Sorry for the complaining, sometimes I don't cope well with illness :(


I'm feeling the same today, have had nelly on my chest all day with little relief from inhaler. Nothing too bad though, just that dragging heavy feeling in my lungs. But I'm meant to be going out running tonight, feel I want to coz I've eaten loads of rubbish this last few days but think I might make things worse.


started last monday had attack in surgery and asthma nurse put me on a neb,

felt rough Tues,Wed,Thurs only to have a bad attack Friday and lots of reliever and then again saturday

only to be put on a neb in walkin centre and given pred and antibiotics.

Monday the docs and put on carbocistine and been struggling most of the week.

Breathing alot better but all airways inflamed and tuns of mucus,

Hope im on the mend now its left me shaken up.

got a asthma nurse appointment monday x


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