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When I saw my GP yesterday he said something about how to use my spacer and I didn't really understand what he meant. By he said this, it was getting near the end of the appointment and I just wanted to get out of there before saying something I would regret.

He said that with each puff of the inhaler I should take 4 breaths. I don't really get how that would work. At present, I would inhale deeply, hold it for 10 seconds and then exhale, and do that once. Do I just do this 4 times? Is that all he meant? Can anyone shed any light on this for me as I'm am really confused. This is different to what the asthma nurse told me.

This is probably a really stupid question, and I nearly didn't bother asking it because I feel so stupid.


P xx

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  • well how i have bin told to do it is just to take 4 breaths but dont hold them.

    Jess x

  • Whcih style spacer do you have?

    If it is the areo-chamber then you just do 4 normal slow breathes with no holding. But if it is the volumatic then you need to do 8-10 normal breathes. The difference between the to spacers is that the4 areo chamber is thinner than the volumatic. Hope this help you

  • I have both types of spacer. When I take my brown inhaler I tend to be at home, so use my volumatic. If I'm elsewhere, staying with friends or family or whatever, I use the aerochamber as it is more portable.

    Thank you

    P xx

  • spacer

    When I went to pulmonary rehab back in the winter we had talks about using inhalers and spacers etc. We were told that you get better lung deposition with a spacer and that you should hold your breath with each inhalation. If you can't hold your breath it is ok to use tidal breathing - just in and out breathing.

  • Thank you for answering my silly question, I feel like a right numpty for having to ask.

    P xx

  • i would not listen to the doctors as they talk rubbish so now i just listen to what asthma nurse tells me as doctor once told me i was usingmy inhaler wrong, i was outraged when i have been using them my whole life. i aske for a new volumatic spacer and today was given a areochamber with a mask instead, i thought masks were only for babies as the last time i had was when i was 2

  • I have been given a ventolin inhaler with an aerochamber spacer for the first time today.

    I have been told to use 5 puffs through the spacer, this is probably a really stupid question but am I supposed to put all 5 doses in separately?

  • Jodie - I got told this week to put them in separately - I've been doing it wrong. Apparently if you trigger your inhaler more often that every 30 seconds then all you get on the subsequent ones is propellant - not medication!

    Not sure if thats any help!

  • Ur gp is actually talking sence . The aim of the chamber is to slow down the speed of the drug so with each Breath u take in, a higher proportion of the drug gets to the lungs. When

    Using chamber no need to hold breath in just nice deep breathing . If u spray more than one puff into chamber the drug just gets stuck to the Walls of the chamber and is not effective . If using a mdi without the chamber then it is recommended to hold for 10 seconds. Hope this helps !!

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