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Inhaler usefulness

Hi everyone, I'm quite new to asthma,and am on a preventative diskus inhaler. This morning, I woke with a slight shortness of breath feeling and a slightly tight chest. The attack wasn't that bad, but I used my ventolin with a spacer 4 times, but I still had to wait about half an hour before the attack subsided. My inhalers have never been that useful in providing me with relief, no matter how bad the attack has been (and ive had 2 or 3 nasty ones). Has anyone else found this? It's horrible. I never seem to get proper relief, I just have to wait for it to 'run it's course'.

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Me either! I have cough variant asthma and have prescribed inhalers but they make no difference at all and most of the time just make me cough even harder as they irrirate my throat!

You might want to see your GP for a tablet called Singulair which works much better than inhalers for me - not the same for everyone I know but worth checking it out?

Hope you feel better

Lisa x


how long have u been using the disk inhaler...... steriod inhalers can take a few weeks to be effective.

how long have you had asthma for seems someone should go over advice on how to manage symptoms and what to do when having an asthma attack, as such i think you should see your practice nurse at your gp to discuss your asthma further. if u ask for a double appointment this can give u time to go over a few things. also by writing down a few questions before you go can help incase you forget things. or phone the asthma nurse attached to this web site


Hi Ben. I agree with Gussypoo - sounds like you need to check things out with your GP as your symptoms arent being controlled. Your inhaler should provide you with relief. Make an appointment to see your GP and tell him what your concerns are. You've got exams coming up and dont need the hassle of worrying about your asthma.


Hi Ben,

That sounds rubbish and I know the feeling - nothing seems to work for me or give much relief, though I had about 4 puffs of Ventolin in a few minutes the other evening which worked a little (PF went up, it never normally seems affected by inhalers so surprising, gave me horrible shakes though). I rang one of the nurses on here for general advice last week and she said perhaps I'd stopped the Symbicort I was on too soon, my GP said 2-3 weeks but nurse here said it could take at least a month to work and I should start it again, keep a PF diary as I do and see my GP again to ask for any more advice while I wait for first hospital appt.

(Just a warning though that I haven't been 'officially' diagnosed with asthma - it's been mentioned a lot and I am fairly convinced given the whole picture but waiting for consultant so it is possible that what I experience isn't relevant - thought you should know this!)

Like other people have said though perhaps worth arranging a review/GP appt.

Hope it gets better!


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