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Peak flow

Hi, I recently became diagnosed with asthma. I'm on a preventer treatment and have ventolin/salamol as a reliever when necessary. Stress seems to be my main trigger. I did a peak flow reading at the doctor's recently, and my reading was 500. Is this normal for an asthmatic, as I'm not familiar with peak flow readings? The doctor didn't seem too worried, but said he'd like to see an improvement over the next few weeks or so. If it helps, I'm a 17 year old male, and I'm small and light for my age.

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Hi Ben, Welcome to the boards. If you type into the search box you'll find a lot about peak flows on the various threads.

If you go tho this site here it will give you predicted values based on sex/age/height but remember that everyone is a bit different and these are just averages.




hi ben

as fee says peak flow is based on age, sex and height and charts are based on averages of such and also 25% above and below, but you will find that many people can achieve much above their predicted regardles of whether or not they have asthma...



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