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Genotyping of difficult asthma

Hi all,

Anyone heard of this? I know it is done to see if cancer drugs work for people ie bloods taken and tested against the drug in question and the persons genes (dont take this as gospel but i think this is basically right, please correct me if am wrong).

Anyway, here in manchester 'difficult asthmatics' or whatever they call us now I still think brittle describes it better, are being invited for these tests. Hopefully will be around easter time. Am quite looking forward to it. Sometimes i think it is so easy just to add new drugs to our regimes rather that stopping them. Fingers crossed preds dont work for me lol!!!!!!

Anyone had this done?

Take care

Almo x

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Sounds like a really good idea. Can you keep posting about it to let us all know what happens. I agree about always adding things on but then never taking them away again as far as drugs are concerned.

I hope it works out for you.




Will do. I think it will be very interesting and cant wait to get it done!

Almo x


Sounds very interesting!

at one stage 'brittle' asthma was thought to be an illness in its own right with its own mechanisms.

I think many of us see alread how complicated asthma as a whole is and to be able to categorise it and match the most suitable drugs would be good and save months or even years getting the right cocktail of drugs to control it.

BTW I use the definition 'Chaotic' Asthma' LOL.



I went to a lecture about this last week. Fascinating new evidence is being used to identify genetic protein deficiencies so that asthma can be treated differently to the usual steroid based meds. Am watching this space....


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