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Swine Flu Jab - Asthma Trigger?

I think I am finally getting my asthma under control - but i just wondered has anyone else had the swine flu jab and experienced their asthma deteroriate or like me spiral out of control.

I trying to identify triggers and i've failed to find any at all. however the only thing i did unusual (back in Dec 09) is take both the flu jab and the swine flu jab a few weeks apart.

Has anyone else had the swine flu jab and then seen a change in their asthma?

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I was only diagnosed last October and I don't suppose it's any help but my medical practice gave me the ordinary flu jab and a pneumonia jab but, curiously, not a swine flu jab. The ordinary flu jab affected my breathing. I can only suppose they had concerns over the swine flu jab.


I refused the swine flu vaccine for both me and my son and the rest of the family as I wasn't happy with the fact that they couldn't supply enough info about the vaccine, the side effects and weither they were infact safe for asthmatics to take. A friend of mine had the vaccine and her asthma was triggered as before the vaccine her asthma had been controlled 100% for the past 2 years. I will not being accepting the vaccine next year either and I also refuse the session flu vaccine as well. I have always said why should I inject myself and my children with the flu when we have a strong natural immunity to flu. Once we have the flu then yes I will accept the vaccine but until then I will not be injecting my children with the flu. But I did give them all their child-hood vaccines as I know from personal experience what it feels like to get measles.


I had both jabs quite close together but no reaction


I never got to have the jab as I got swine flu first which messed my asthma up, it's now brittle.


I made such a bad decision

I've spent my bank holiday changing everything in my bedroom - even ordered a new bed which is 100% horsehair and animal dander free so no lambs wool no nothing just cotton. Ive chucked out clothes which have mohair (or whatever its called). Ive been shopping for a digital peakflow machine. Ive dettol cleaned every part of my room - only to have my fingers swell as im that allergic to dust!

Prior to having the jab i was looking to change the preventer I was on as i was getting the odd attack here and there. I had the flu jab around the third week of nov 09 and then the swine flu jab on the 4/5 dec - on the 8th i was severe and on 5 forms of steriod medication and antiboitics! my peakflow dropped to 200!

Im the running out of triggers now ive detox'd everything and changed everything and i'm still bad with the sinusitis, achey ribs. Im currently on 3 inhalers (2 preventers) to get me to normal breathing and no attack stage. Im due to see my GP today as the sinusits did not clear with my last round of preds.

I only have two suspicions on the deteroriation of my asthma and thats the swine flu jab and symbicort. Symbicort just seemed to trigger my attacks and my GP's were reluctant to switch as I was so bad - once i switched to seretide i saw i drastic improvement.

Asthmafamily - your so right i had doubts in my mind about the jab but the hype of swine flu in the press just got me. I'm going to mention it to my gp today i think there is a big connection a few people here have pm'd me and said they had similar problems. Shame the vaccine lasts a whole year!


Swine flu jab was probably the worst thing I could have done, took me months to recover, joked about it with the nurse. Seasonal one I was fine.


what did happen to that swine flu thing...

thats the last time i fall for media hyped up stuff...and the last time i listen to the GP's without getting a second opinion.

Im going back today to the gp's will mention this to him as im pretty sure its this jab - i never sinusitis that got this bad before.

Making a note to get a prescription for a digital peak flow too! Im just feeling sick of being sick all the time. wonder if the jab lasts all year or if it wear off say in 6 months!! (someone please say it does!!)


Hi confused

I have had my swine flu jab two weeks ago and my asthma went down hill. Your post has now got me wondering, although the tree pollen has also been very high so it could be that. I am back on top steriods as my asthma is just not happy and i am very tired as a result of it!



hi plumie,

sorry to hear your not well. I have yet another round of antibiotics to have had an appointment today.

Had the doctor say that im on the highest possible dose of the current round of inhalers and that i might need to come off it. Had such an odd feeling, i've not felt this 'back to normal' in such a long time. When i asked him about the chances that the swine flu jab was my trigger he didnt think it was but then had a hard time explaining the odd coincidence that it was 3/4 days after it that i had such a downhill turn.

drink loads of water as preds gets you after the course is finished - i finished my last set on the 26th and i feel the effects now!

I just dont trust doctors anymore (in case i havent said that enough here!)- felt really annoyed as I sat there today and asked him about the safety of being on two preventers he turned to me and said 'well you have chronic asthma so its a better alternative than to be on preds!' I felt like saying funny that thought you said i didnt have asthma and its stress!


@confused, you doc is actually right in saying that being on two preventer meds is better than having asthma, the long term side effects are minimal from their use for adults, while the long term problems from uncontrolled asthma is a potential worsening


hi woody,

i know he is right - id rather have my kit with me at all times than to have preds (i have swollen joints everytime i go on them!).I have found the right combination at last (ventolin 3x200/flixotide1x250 & seretide 500x2 a day!) but i thought he would say lets switch something but I was surprised that he said keep going! he said this is the highest dose available but as it working and i can walk for a long period of time without being short of breath this works for me!

I was concerned that this new approached seemed a little extreame - but it works!


Don't know if it's related but I had a sudden really bad asthma attack 4 days after mine and then a couple of wheezy days afterwards. Had similar but less acute after regular flu jab.

BUT I was nowhere near as poorly as when I had flu (later suspected as the Oink version) earlier in the year!


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