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brompton hospital. is it private?

my asthma check up yesterday was such an eye opener. I don't think my current gp's even thinks the way this lady does. the shame is that i might not get to see her again. someone here told me about brompton but i never got round to asking if it was a private hospital. im feeling relieved that i know that there is more options to try before heading down the pred road. i only this the check up was excellent because it was someone from another hospital/surgery.

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The Royal Brompton Hospital , London , is an NHS centre of Excelence for Lungs etc and is a regional Tertiary referal hospital. It is usually a hospital consultant who will refer patients there when all other avenues locally have been explored.

Other centres are Heartlands , in Birmingham, and I think Glenfields Leicester....?



Nop, its not private! i go there often!! its very good and i reccomend it!! :D


They have never given me a bill!

Do you have respiratory consultant? If you do you can ask to be refered to your nearest specialist hospital. Or you might be given a choice. GP's can refer people but it is better to go down the consultant referal route.



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