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Laughing Yoga?

has anyone tried laughing yoga? I started to have a really weird throat ache yesterday after a fit of laughter and started to research what i heard about years ago has anyone tried it?


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Read the link. Interesting. Chaplin? Not really laugh out loud comedy. Coincidentally I've been lent a DVD boxed set of Chaplin films to watch on holiday - not sure its really my thing but kindly meant as no tv signal where we're going.

Link may be borne out with a post I put on our Memo to Self thread way back in January. DH away on business and I'd house to myself, got out the munchies and settled down to watch a Billy Connelly DVD. Laughed so much at one of his descriptions of something that my breathing was severely reduced.

There may be something in the laughing yoga. Do you think comedy dvds are available on prescription?


hi GM,

Might have been worth a try with my old gp but he only had pre-printed prescritions for preds though.


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