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Using Flixonase nasule and Flixotide together?

Need some advice, i had to do an emergency dash to the local emergency clinic as had another rapid rhinitis infection that i was given a course of antibiotics and new Flixonase nasules, can you use the drops along with the same inhaler?

Im on a topped up dose of seretide and flixtide as it is and this current rhinitis attack is more potent became infected in a day. i've only used it once and really like it - works much more faster than nasonex for me. Im surprised at how good it is actually.

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I was given Flixonase nasules by my ENT consultant for a few months and also take Flixotide - there was no problem. As I understand it, both act locally on inflammation so there's no systemic 'build up', as it were.



thanks for the confirmation i knew there was no 'steroid' element build up with nasonex and flixotide but i wasnt too sure about the same drug both times.

flixotide is my wonder drug! - im probably flixotide's number on fan!


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