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telfast antihistamine..anyone else on them?


im dreadding summer this year as im just getting back to normal after a few rounds of an asthma flare up. I have been given telfast antihistamines by my gp for my hayfever and told to start them asap to keep myself protected. However i still have heart palipitations after cutting down on a lot of medcines given to me by my doctor.

i going to bring my next check up appointment forward if i can as i think im getting another round of rhinitis I dont think telfast is working at all. Plus i've had my pf drop and stay at 350 and im using my ventolin 3 times a day.

What antihistamines are new that seem to work?

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Hi, I have been taking Desloratadine for 3 yrs to protect me against allergies, far too many to name or count. This antihistamine does not make a person drowsy, I take it in the evening and I think its a good one for long term use...I hope it is anyway :)

Your pf sounds great to me...wish mine was that high :) Prob with medications is sometimes its hard for GP to find meds that are happy alongside other meds so they give you something which will work, so maybe mine would not work with your inhaler etc. I am on symbicort!

Hope you find the right one soon



im getting there slowly..

Hi chrissy,

i think so too, spent the most part of today in bed. Im just so tired all the time and yawning. basically im totally exhausted all the time this is prob down to my erratic breathing during the night.

Your right it is trial and error with medications (ive had so many..and needed to detox of them) i think probably need to get back on singulair as that helped my rhinitis problem too.

I think my asthma trigger is rhinitis - but what triggers the rhinitis is what has me thinking.



I am on telfast (fexofendine hydrochloride) i personally find them brillant, what strength are you using? I am on 180mg, they come in that and 120mg. They have been fantastic for me i barely get any allergy symptoms when on them - only the odd morning sneeze here and there.




Hi Plumie,

i think they are great too - but it needs a little umphf so to speak. I think i need to get back on singulair - have a really strange hyperventilation and palpitation every morning and think my sinusits/rhinitis is kicking off again. im much better than before but i think my preventer needs stepping up.

currently using nasonex too but seems like my evil asthma is throwing what i now call a hissy fit! im tried to get to see the asthma doctor again but she is only in on the 19th now (damn).

I need some advice - is this over the top with medications? Im thinking to step it up a little! im back to basics but my pf is everywhere..and my ribs ache without the coughing this time.

1. Ventolin (already have currently end up using this three times a day)

2. Nasonex

3. telfast (in a stronger dose i dont think 120mg is doing anything for me)

4. Singulair

4. Seretide with boosters inhalers flixotide and/or serevent?

Is serevent steroid free? i think i've gone full circle and come straight back to my old cocktail of meds without the strong stuff this time.


Hi confused.

You should not be asking me for medical advice nor anyone else.

Please go to your GP!



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