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scary experience - blood sugar level increase and increased blood pressure after an asthma attack?


im not sure if im turning into a hypocondriac now but im sort of in shock after an asthma attack which meant i did a trip to A&E.

Is it natural for your blood glucose level to rise as well as blood pressure after an asthma attack?

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well mine does as it is a responce to stress, i was told not to worry about it as asthma attacks are very stressfull!!!


Yes even my blood sugar - mine went to 21!! lol but i am beging tested for diabetes too as i had my sugar monitored for 24hours and they were up and down. But its just because of my pred dose was at 60mg for a while and that can cause diabetes. The first time i had a severe attack my blood sugar went to 21 and they told me it was due to stress so i would try not to worry.

( i can reply to your message as you have chosen not to accept privet messages!)



hi chloe,

ive been on pred 30.

Im had a 7.3 level and a really like pulse rate with blood pressure. I dont know how i ended up like this but my asthma has totally taken over my life. ive had 2 flare ups and 6 rounds of anitbiotics. Iget bronchospasms and no signs for an attack so its out of the blue.

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blood pressure usually rises during an attack due to the heart having to work harder to get the oxygen round your body i wouldnt worry to to much if i was you


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