did i just get ripped off? - Piko 1 ordered but a lot cheaper than i thought?

i found the piko 1 online for about £15.00 - but its taken ages to turn up i contacted the supplier who said that there was a delievery shortage and its due to turn up at the end of this week (that a 2 week delay) however im kind of wondering if i got ripped off.

If you own one how much did you pay? I should have gone through a better online shop than i did now im doubting if i get the full kit.

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  • what was the website? if you paid by credit card anyway don't worry. if nothing turns up and you still have the email receipt/invoice then the credit card company will refund you.

  • Pm'd you.

    Hi woody,

    just pm'd you the name didn't want to give out a massive ad for them! haven't got it yet!

  • Seen them before, never used the firm but it's UK based, UK contact details and a registered pharmacy so you should be OK, allow 28 days as a rule for delivery before worrying unless the firm contacts you.

  • That's what i thought but i hope i get the full thing as seems like a good deal.

  • Hey woody. My peak flo are low when well. Would I constantly show up in the red if I bought a fancy peak flo meter. Normal is 320 on a really good day. 270 when just coping and 250 or less when it's a nitemare .... Got the normal gp issue and a paper diary to record in ...

  • Gussypoo, I've pm'd the one confused has bought (same site)

    The electronic ones have the 3 zones just the same, 0-50%=red, 50-80%=yellow and 80-100% green, and the 100% is based on your best, some reset that if you exceed a previous best, not sure on the piko. Also some (mine does) allows you to adjust the values where you want to split the yellow/green, and mine will allow for 4 bands. (Edit: mine asma-1 also allows the 50% yellow/red to be moved up or down)

    Piko, and the alternatives now do computer software and docking stations but all extra expense, makes life easy I guess for charting but if you're happy with paper then fine or the free computer software, asthma assistant which I use is good once you learn how to use it.

  • called the supplier this morning

    apparently it will be dispatched tomorrow and they did not update the website it was out of stock when i showed up as in stock. Hence the delay..id reccomend pay a liitle more but go to amazon.

    Im eagerly awaiting the delievery of it as i want to check out the FEV reading i get..maybe that would help enlighten me to my weird scheduled attacks every damn day!

  • Ha ha ha bought the mrs a new turbo Hoover instead......Any luck she'll use it more than I would the peak flow meter

  • got it from boots - different branch tho!

    Update - gave up with that online chemist. was told it would be dispatched on tuesday when i called the stock was due in thurday so no chance i would get it in on friday. Something didnt seem right as it was a different excuse everytime i called for the piko, even though it said in stock on line!

    I did get it from a different branch of boots (not where the psycho pharmacist works) and the nice guy got it in within hours! Piko is brilliant its actually really accurate i think.

    take care everyone.


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