bricanyl and ventolin together ?

does anybody know if you can take ventolin and bricanyl togeher because i wasnt sure and i had some very bad side effects (shaking seeing stars dizzy feeling faint etc) and i was never told not to take them together so i was suprised when i nearly collapsed at school

have people had experiences of this and what to do ?

thanks in advance hannah


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  • They are BOTH relievers and it should REALLY be one or the other you take not both!

  • Both bricanly (terbutaline) nad ventolin (salbutamol) are relievers and can cause shaking. The dizziness, faintness and seeing stars could be hyper-ventilation not uncommon in an asthma attack apparently. I would suggest you contact your asthma nurse or dr for advice about what to use when.


  • My son has bricanyl sub cut and takes ventolin inhaler/nebs, he gets hand tremor but thats prob because of the sub cut not the combination of reliever.

  • Hannah

    If you took them BOTH in inhaler form that could well of created the side-effects !!

    But like I said before it should only be ONE or the other in inhaler form !!

    Until you can speak to asthma nurse or Dr I would take the one that seems to work best BUT not both !!

    Don't mean to lecture you but rather you be well than sick !!

  • thaks weezer i should have taken one or the other but the ventolin didnt work so i used bricanyl and then the ventolin kicked in so i guessi should habe waited



  • Hannah, or the bricanyl kicked in maybe you just needed a couple of extra puffs. They are both drugs designed to do the same thing open the airways up. Which is why I suggested you clarified with your asthma nurse or GP what you should be using when and if indeed you should be using both.


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