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I'm new

Hi, Just joined after seeing an item on local news. I was diagnosed with asthma about 13 years ago. I'd often had spells of coughing especially when speaking on the phone as I worked in an office before then. Change of job, working with kids and became really ill with worst cough ever. Was diagnosed with chest infection and got various antibiotics, which didn't work & ended up with pneumonia, just before Christmas too. Signed off work & went back after Christmas. About 4 weeks later back in hospital and again a few months later. Haven't been admitted since fortunately. However, my asthma is quite active & has been for some time. I've had various changes of inhaler & am now on a red one, which is helping a bit. WIndy weather makes me worse. Living in the northeast, we get lots of windy weather.

Anyway, should I be worried about this continuing or should I ask for a second opinion. None of my recent asthma checks have involved seeing a GP. Peak flow is about 400 which for me is good. I don't wheeze but boy do I cough.

Thanks for listening anyway.

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Welcome to Asthma Uk forum. Feel free to have a look around and a chat to people. A lot of us have asthma. If you have concerns about your asthma it is worth making an appointment and going and seeing your GP as we are not allowed to give medical advice because we cannot see you and do not know you past history so cannot judge how you are.

We are here to be friends with you and support you though. Glad that you found out about the site.

It has been a really great support to myself over the years i hope you find this to be the case.

Look forward to getting to know you more soon



Welcome Smiler 31

AUK as been the only contact with astmatics I have as dont know anyone with it

Made lots of friends and all here for each other.

Nice to get to know you also.

Love Glynis xxx


Hi Smiler (nice name). I agree that you should get checked out with GP if you feel things arent improving or if they're getting worse. My son's cough was very troublesome (but no chest infection) and GP prescribed a cough linctus Pholcodine which helped a lot. Might be worth asking your GP about it, although you can buy it over counter without a prescription.

Hope things improve for you. xx


Well the wind's blowing up a great storm up here, as it is over most of the UK. I'm coughing myself silly. Yesterday was fine and had a walk on the beach, then came home to make tea. Was using fresh chillies and had a terrible fit of coughing. Eyes were watering from cutting the chillies then from me coughing. What a state I was in. Not a good look!


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