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Newbie advice needed

Hi, i Was admitted to A & E by paramedic on the 9th january, with wheezing, tight chest, clear mucus phlegm, shortness of breath, low oxygen levels, no temp, after being at my doctors and having 2 x nebs, but no improvement,so doctor called ambulance but paramedic arrived as ambulance was 30 mins away.

Never had any problem like this before, was sent home 12 hrs later after 7 x nebs administered, a clear chest xray, with antiboctics, blue inhaler plus steroids for 5 days.

Follow up doctors visit where i had a spirometer test which the nurse said was normal.

4 days ago , started to have tight chest, shortness of breath, neck muscles seem really tight, clear sticky phlegm but hard to cough, no temp and my husband says im sighing alot but im trying to inhale deeper if that makes sense.

Doctor prescribed to take blue inhaler every 2 hrs and given me 5 days more steroids, Find the haler works for a couple of hrs but chest becomes tight soon after.

Im 44yrs old, no family history of asthma, have 2 x dogs , 2x parrots but have had animals for all my life, have fairly active life, dont smoke, eat varied diet , doctor said to go back after 5 days if no improvement or if i become worse to go to A& E. doctor thinks i may be allergeric to something or may be asthma , she said she will run more tests if needed.

Any advice would be great , as it is really scary feeling like ive got a elephant sat on my chest.

Thanks for your time reading this.

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hi ryhallred,sorry to hear about your troubles.your right about asthma being scary,i've had asthma for very nearly 50 years and a rough count of 2000 attacks so it's safe to say i know exactly how your top tip is relaxation which is hard i know when you're feeling rough so i practice relaxing between attacks and i found that attacks became less frequent although it took a while to start working.being relaxed must be a state of being though not a hobby.good luck.p.s. i also find when i'm feeling rough a cold glass of lager helps to relax me (only one though).


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