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Urgent referral to cons

Well, had my 1st appointment with respiratory nurse today who was absolutely lovely!!!

She really listened, questioned and gave me a sharp kick up the backside!!! Lol

I've been referred urgently to see con with recommendations for ct scan, spirometry, get nebulizer and general asthma management as well.

Nurse was very honest with me, asked why I'd waited so long to sort myself out (ill son for past year with visits to GOSH etc so I vame second). I got told off as I've probably made my lungs worse but she understands.

My lungs have become hypersensitive too.

A lot to take in but really feel that I'm making some progress towards getting my life back.

I did chuckle when she suggested I apply for a disabled blue badge as I'm only 37!!! :-)

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Glad you're making some progress and the nurse was so good - it's always encouraging to have someone like that where you feel you can trust them to do something!

I hope your son is better now btw. Know what you mean about the badge - not as severe as you and nothing like that's been suggested, or needed but there was a time at just 25 when I really felt I understood how it would be to be an 80-year-old with limited mobility and it was rubbish! Hopefully you will get sorted soon and not need that badge.


Glad it went well and apply for that badge ..... I did and got it when I was 37 saved me a fortune but means I don't have miles to walk parking the car !!!!!


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