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Just started montelukast

Hi all!

I started montelukast 3 days ago and wondered how quickly people noticed an improvement in their symptoms and when side effects kicked in?

Had some very odd and vivid dreams last night which is strange for me as I rarely remember.dreams and just wondered if it could be the mkntelukast?


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my daughter is on it i was told it could take up to a month to work.

I think we prob noticed improvement around 3 weeks.

She's never had side affects as far as we can tell. She has been on it for

over 18 months and if she doesn't take it ie if we can't get her to take it we notice

Symptoms return within 3 days

hope that helps



I had to stop them quite quickly as the dreams were so bad and started seeing weird things in the day, it is a well known side effect of the drug so might be worth talking to your GP about it.



It must vary - I started noticing an improvement within 3 days! I think it's supposed to take around 6 weeks to have the full effect though. I'm not properly controlled but the montelukast definitely makes a difference, I hope it works well for you too.

I don't know if I get the dreams; I've always had pretty vivid dreams. If it is doing that it doesn't bother me - do the dreams bother you or are you just wondering if they're related?


Thanks people that all helps! :-)

Dreams aren't freaking me out as such its just I didn't feel like I'd had a restful night's sleep as I'd dreamt so much.

Will be patient and give it a chance as it sounds like I'm expecting too much too soon. Again thanks for the info.



Hope it does start to help!

Maybe if you're not used to dreaming and remembering it's just hard to get used to? I've always had very vivid dreams and enjoyed them - and before all this I slept like a log; would really feel like I'd had a good refreshing night when it involved plenty of dreams. Recently I haven't had that as much because the asthma messes with my sleep and stops me having 'proper' dreams, or keeps waking me up partially so I don't feel refreshed.

I know I've not been getting enough sleep if I don't remember my dreams - funny how it works with different people!


I haven't ever experienced side effects and have probably been taking montelukast at least 15 years. I stopped using it during pregnancy but noticed an improvement about 10 days or so after starting to take it again.

After looking at my medication one of my consultants team suggested I take it in the morning as my symptoms were worse during the day and have been taking it in the morning since (couple of years) - this may help if the dreams become a problem/regular thing but I'd check with your Dr first as everyone's different.

I'd persevere though as it really does make a difference


I have really vivid dreams too - started it around 6 months ago- but no daytime visual disturbances. It has taken about two months for me to notice an effect (I know they say it should kick in sooner but my consultant said to give it longer to work and it does seem to have made a difference).

I haven't had a chest infection since being on it and can only attribute it to that because I've had plenty of colds and usually they go straight to my chest.


Thanks for the replies, it makes me feel happier to keep going with it.

I still haven't seen a difference but as you say, its early days yet! :-)


I've been taking it for 2 years and not noticed any side effects apart from its been a miracle cure for my hayfever no more steroids to get me through spring :)


i have been on montelukast now for a month, at the beginning i felt like i was having weird dreams but settled now, and touch wood, my asthma seems stable on this and seretide 250, at the begining thought i would never get better, now i just have to avoid triggers and keep on the meds, hope you feeling ok now x


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