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I recently discovered that - like 5% of asthmatics apparently - I am sensitive to sulphites. Aka 'sulfites'.

If I consume food or drink containing sulphites, which are widely used as preservatives, I get sick. Generic feeling very rough plus asthma, naturally.

I've only just found this out, so I wondered if anyone else had any thoughts or expeirences to share.

For those who think this may be worth examining, a simple first step is Wikipedia's article.



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Hi Col,

I have bumped a thread on red wine allergy, which talks lots about sulphites (they are the prob in the wine) which may be useful for you.



Thanks S



Sulphite sensitivity

Hi Col2001.

Following a change of job recently, I have found that I have a sensitivity to sulphites / sulphur dioxide and have done a little 'digging around'. I have found this website quite interesting but have become a little pananoid now about looking for the sulphite label which is often in the American spelling 'sulfite'. White wines are worse than red & caramel colour e150d such as used in colas are prepared with sulphite compounds. Foods containing less than 10ppm do not need to be labelled as containing sulphites but sensitive people may still have problems. Hope this might be of interest


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