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Post Ventilation

hi all,

i have just returned home from being ventilated agian, the first time in a year and it has really thrown me.

i had forgotton how rough i feel, every bit of me hurts, i have not resorted to the pain killers but i am just fragile, also the mental aspect is hard.

i have had the really bad attacks when you think this is it, but get pulled round, and i think it must be easier to accept and move on from , than this one, i was only tubed for 6 hours and i was soo much better after, that i was able to come home the next day, but now i feel quite low.

i am sure tomorrow i will feel better,

does anyone feel like this post ventilation?

George xx

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No clue sorry, but i do feel really rough and i was disacharged from hospital following iv magnesium monday.

Hope someone answers soon, i am happy to chat though



post ventilation

Sorry you had to be ventilated,I have never been ventilated but had a close call. Is it as frigtening as one imagines. I hate the constant hospitalisations(13 this year already). I usually feel low when i get home because i didn't manage to avoid hospital. Despite taking all the meds and avoiding any know triggars. But soon cheer up when i get on this website.Take care gill


Yes, its all the stuff they pump into you to keep you nice and still the more ventilations the more stuff they seem to need too.



thanks for the replies,

i must say i am feeling better today, the aches and pains are almost gone and so is the sore throat, but my voice isnt quite the same yet.

today i am geting on with life as i tend to do, and moving on, i am taking my guides swimming tonight as we cannot get into our scout hut as it was vandalised at the beginning of the summer, the girls always manage to cheer me up without knowing why, i dont tell them what i go through, but they know i have bad asthma. they just want to have fun and i do my best to have it with them.

hope everyone else is ok,

thanks George xx


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