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Where can I get information on PEV and FEV1

I am trying to work out if I have asthma or an allergy. To prove this I have purchased one of the mini peak flow meters (Piko-1) and will monitor my peak flow and my FEV1. I would like to get some more information on what these readings are and there must be a reference chart saying what are the ranges, what is bad,what is normal etc. I am trying to get more information and hoped some one could help


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Try typing peak flow into your search engine and it will direct you to the website that will thengive you average normal peak flow readings for your age and height. Also try talking to the asthma nurse at your surgery.


The site is

Try asking your GP for advice; they are a better first point-of-contact than a message board, no matter how wonderful we are ;)


This site gives you the equation to work out your predicted FEV1 should be. It is a little complicated but accurate. I worked mine out a few weeks ago and then asked the RBH to work it out for me and the answers were the same. Shame really because at the moment i am getting 45% of my predicted.


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